1. texaninaz

    did you have to be so literal

  2. Henry

    Be careful what you wish for?
    Especially when the wish does not include “and not in an asshole way?”

    • Fox

      Monkey’s paw

      • Jake

        I think you mean “Fox’s Paw”.

        • McMashMead

          I think you mean “faux pas”

          • Cray Z. Bouy
            Cray Z. Bouy

            I think that’s something else.

  3. Linkletter

    So, basically, this still happens.

    • Fox

      Yeah, you’d think she’d learn.

    • Lola Bonne
      Lola Bonne

      That was the first thing I thought of when I read this strip.

    • Cray Z. Bouy
      Cray Z. Bouy

      Love that strip! That’sthe sort of thing I would do, too!

  4. Kevin

    First panel looks so adorable.

  5. stripedfox

    In case of home improvement Fox can double as a paint mixer

  6. Rocket T. Coyote
    Rocket T. Coyote


  7. Catreece

    C’mon, even I knew what was going to happen as soon as you said that and I’m not even married to him. =P

    I was previously going to say it was just like asking for it… but… it actually was. So yes. It was exactly like that.

    Also, panel #1 is more adorable than a unicorn puking up rainbows after OD’ing on glitter and pixie dust. Just saying.

    • Cray Z. Bouy
      Cray Z. Bouy

      “…more adorable than a unicorn puking up rainbows after OD’ing on glitter and pixie dust.”

      Clearly, you have never seen such a spectacle. There is nothing remotely adorable about it. And the cleanup is a nightmare!

  8. McMashMead

    You know my bed was extremely comfortable at 4 in the morning, but a bloody nose was my Fox in this case and forced me to get up to take care of it.

    Also like Fox thinking, “hmmm… How can I be the least comfortable? I know, shake her a lot!”

  9. Rocker

    At last, my years of training to become a professional shaker of the salt canister has paid off…

    What am I talking about?

  10. DeadeyeD

    The innocence in his eyes kills me. He knows she should have known better, and thought out how to remind her. (Kind of like a mortar simulator in Basic Training)

  11. Welsh Rat
    Welsh Rat

    You’re so nice to her, Fox.

    • Fox

      IKR? She’s so spoiled.

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