1. Lucario

    It’s a shear-thinning fluid, like toothpaste!

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      Word for the day: Thixotropic!

  2. Xezlec

    Yay! brand strikes again!

  3. IBTYComics

    Great choice of color. It says a lot about the product. Does the spotted background represent a theme?

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      I think of it like the “time passing” song on South Park, when Cartman got psych(ot)ic powers after he jumped off the roof. 😉

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Makes me think of the “time passing” song from South Park; the episode where Cartman got psych(ot)ic powers after jumping off the roof. 🙂

  4. Spector

    Bring out the industrial grade chips.

  5. RogueSpyke

    This reminds me of these squeezable cheese things my dad gets sometimes. They taste alright but make a disgusting noise when you squeeze the cheese out.

  6. Katnik

    You just have to mix in the hardener, and you can use it to repair your wading boots.
    Good for patching rubber rafts, too. Matches the color.

    • IBTYComics

      Reminded me of the Flex Seal commercial where they take a screen mesh bottomed air boat and made it seaworthy.

    • Dr. Optigan

      “It’s a dessert topping, and a floor wax!”

  7. JakeFrost

    When life gives you a new type of sealant for pipes.

  8. S'aaruuk

    Pop it in the ‘nuker’ for about 30 seconds. It’ll be fluid enough to pour out into your bowl, and warm queso/jalapeno dip is really tasty. :-p

    • Robin Bobcat
      Robin Bobcat

      Agreed. Queso dip is best when it’s juuuust below ‘singe thy flesh’ temps. If you’re feeling fancy, you can stir in some chopped jalapenos, olives, and bacon.

      • Archeo Lumiere
        Archeo Lumiere

        Thirded, adding some real cheese to that also doesn’t hurt at all.

  9. Thomas Rose
    Thomas Rose

    Dude, “Yay!” is my favorite queso brand!

  10. Dylan Overstreet
    Dylan Overstreet

    Needs one more panel where it falls, sticks, and then explodes.

    • Fox

      Or possibly just dissolves the bowl.

      • Taolan

        I once had a bowl shatter after having a particularly dense lump of “queso” “dip” land on it.

        We just won’t talk about how it was not dishwasher safe and probably had heat fractures.

  11. Rocketroo

    Her expression in the last panel. So relaxed and just happily munching away while confidently admitting she doesn’t even know if it is food. Perfect

  12. Mobyulus

    Wait, people actually try to get that stuff out of the jar before dipping it?

  13. Katnik

    You know, you can spread it on sandwiches too.

  14. Venalitor

    Pretty sure that’s actually how you get Alzheimer’s.

  15. Jamtex

    There is this wonderful invention called a spoon… 😛

  16. Gthefurrybiker

    Combine this with hardtack to make an ideal bricks and mortar building combination 🙂

  17. Iceburgh69

    Am I the only one for whom the front page shows a different strip?

    • Mandy Seley

      No, it’s a known bug, but not one I’ve been able to fix yet. Please refresh the page and see if that helps!

  18. speaker

    You misspelled “manna”

  19. attic rat
    attic rat

    Of course it’s food! It has calories!

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