Angle of Attack

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 Short jokes! Never get old.
I’m a perfectly average 5’4″, but I have a bad habit of associating with a lot of people who are 6′ or taller.

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        1. It’s time to step up your game, because your puns are treading thin. You must be an early riser to stair down Fox, but I’m sure you newel that already.

          Fox, it’s not nice to stringer along like that in the third panel. Especially after she gave you a good nosing in the first panel.

          *throws his arms up in a “V”* “And he sticks the landing!”

          1. Very good. I counted six puns. (I probably missed one or two. I’m not too good with architectural descriptions.)

  1. I feel like that all the time. At 6’4″, nearly everyone is (a lot) shorter than me. Of course, it means I’m in for a really big shock when I meet someone taller than me. (Like one guy at my college who’s at least 7′.)

    My brother and dad are also over 6′ tall, so in family photos it looks like my mom is standing in a hole. Except in our last one, where I was actually standing in a hole.

  2. Mandy, I know how you feel. If I’m having a really good day, I’m 5’6″.

  3. Know exactly what you mean, I’m also 5’4″ but I feel ridiculously short because most of my friends as well as my family are 5’10” or taller… Every one of my friends who are my height or shorter are cherished ^-^

  4. My wife and I have the same issues: she’s 5’4, too and I’m 5’12. Sometimes when she hugs me, she’ll stand on her toes and almost be as tall as me. Then I’ll raise up on mine. It’s fun to see her get mad at me. But she still loves the fact that I’m taller than her.

        1. Yeah, I’m 6’0″, but sometimes it’s more fun to say 5’12”. It gives people something to think about for a moment before they realise it. Or maybe not. I could just be an ass.

  5. This is kind of painful. I’m 5’10”, and all my life I have been told (mostly by short women) that they can’t date me because I’m “not tall enough”.

    Apparently there’s some unwritten rule that “tall” starts at six feet, and anything less is simply not worth having.

      1. 5’10″ is average or tall around much of the world.

        That may be true – but while 5’10” might be exceptional in other parts of the world, I don’t live in those parts. And around here, “tall” is considered desirable but “just average” is generally not.

        According to studies, 52% of women say they would not date anyone who is not over 6′ tall. Despite the fact that only 6% of the populace is actually that height. So it doesn’t do much good to call someone “shallow” when, in fact, that attitude’s the norm. Plus, it’s pretty clear that most people are wildly unrealistic about their chances. (Consider the number of ordinary-looking men that are convinced that they will wind up with a woman who looks like a supermodel.)

        It probably doesn’t help that I live in an area with a very high proportion of people of Scandinavian descent. For example, I’m in a martial-arts group, and out of the 65 or so men, I’m the second-shortest guy there. To [mis]quote Einstein, “It’s all relative”.

        1. Interesting… at 6’5″ I often got the “You are just too tall” response… I spent 10 years wishing I could knock 6 or so inches off my height… after that, funnily enough, the shortest girlfriend I had ended up as my wife… over one and a half feet difference in height between us)

          1. You’re lucky. As I said in an earlier post, my ex is 5’0″ tall and I’m about 6’0″ tall and she thought I was TOO tall for her. I never paid any attention to our height difference; but, it seemed to bother her.

  6. There are a ton of short jokes in my house. My mom is 5’2″, my dad is 6’7″, and in between we range from 5’6″-6’2″. I sometimes call her my “mini-mum”.

    1. Yup, it can. try working in Japan or China while being 6’5″ and very Anglo in appearance… emarassing at best, downright annoying at times at worst.

  7. That’s not a joke. That’ just being honest.

    It would be nice if I could find a tall girl, but…
    Oh hell it would be nice if I could find a girl.

  8. Yea know that feeling Im 6ft a lot of people i know are smaller than me but in high school i went to school with a kid that was 7’8” and his brother who was taller. There was internal comment of NYACK HOMYGONNTITAN!

  9. Unless I’ve counted wrong, there have been 201 strips so far, adjusted to 192 if we redact the Sketchbook Intermissions and the “recharging Seley” filler. Of those 192, the tag “fox is an asshole” has appeared in 38. Therefore, on average the tag shows up about once every 5.2 strips. My conclusion: Fox might just be an asshole after all.

    1. Furthermore, the “fox is an asshole” tag coincides with the “really happened” tag 28 of those 38 times. That’s approximately 74%.

      I find it more and more believable that Fox is indeed an asshole. A lovable one, I’m sure, but still an asshole.

        1. That’s the best use I’ve ever seen of that song. Leave it to the UK to pull it because it offended someone.
          If anyone was wondering, here’s the full version:

      1. It’s statistically proven that people love people who are assholes.
        We get shit done while saying and doing things everyone else was thinking about doing anyway.
        Otherwise Gregory House and Sherlock (characters I relate a bit too much to) wouldn’t be so popular worldwide.
        I just have a bit more Michael Weston and Leroy Jethro Gibbs in my personality…

        1. Fox, you just named two of my more favorite TV characters. I resemble Gibbs in many ways, too.

          1. You’ve been married four times, you film collection only has “Air Force One” in it, you’ve been shot a good dozen times and like to physically attack (or headslap) your team members?

          2. Close. I’ve been married once and I decided that was more than enough for me; I’ve been shot AT a couple of times (been lucky so far); I tend to be a bit short on my answers when my co-workers say or do stupid things; and I’ve only got about 200 movies. But, other than those things, we’re pretty much alike. (I served in the AF, not the Marines, and I’m not a former sniper.)

        2. Interesting… I’ve gotten the comment that if Michael Westen wasn’t a spy, he’d be me. However, I think there’s also an admixture of House, MacGyver and Spock in there.

          Nice to make your acquaintance.

  10. Hi guys, I just started reading your comic a few days ago and I have to say this is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. I always open this at least once a day and the fact that it’s still going on makes me ????

  11. Mandy, you’re lucky that you are 5’4″ and Fox is around 6′ tall. My ex is 5′ and I’m 6′. She always said we looked like Mutt and Jeff. She never could get over our height difference. I never really noticed, myself.

    1. Same boat. I’m 6′ and my wife is 5′. She keeps telling me I make her feel short. I’m pretty sure the problem is on her end.

    2. I have a pair of married friends; he’s 6’4″ and she’s 4’11”. The comments are many.

      1. Similar here, I’m 6’5″, my other half is 5′ (in high heels although she always swears she is ‘almost’ 5′ without them)… comments are endless and vary from the ‘Fox’ style humourous to the outright tasteless…

      2. I never understood why it bothered my ex so much. Like I said, I never really noticed the height difference. In fact, she’s the one that made any kind of an issue out of it. She was just the right height for me to put my arm around her shoulders and not have to put a strain on my arm because she was too tall or too short. I always thought she was just right. (Hmm. Where have I heard that phrase before?)

        1. For some reason, women obsess a lot about height. Most men don’t really care, except as far as she’s comfortable.

          In high school, the girl I dated on and off was 6’2″ in bare feet. She explained that tall girls simply have to get over it, early on, as they have little chance of ever finding a guy who’s taller. Only people who have lots of options can afford to be picky.

  12. I can kind of relate to Fox here. I’m 6′ and many of the people I am around on a regular basis are in the 5’4″ to 5’8″ range. I don’t think I’m particularly tall.

    That said, my wife is 5’11”. Of the ladies in my family, she is by far and away the tallest. As a result, she’s the one who gets the comments about her height.

  13. But the thing is Fox is right!

    While it’s nice when someone is near your own height. But normally being tall you have to be conscious about not looming.

  14. I totally feel you, Mandy. I am also exactly 5’4″. But my growth spurt came late, so I got used to being the short one, and despite my nice and average height, I am the subject of so many short jokes, I lost count five years ago. And I’m only fifteen.

    1. I was an ‘early’ bloomer – I hit 5’4″ before I was 13 and haven’t grown a bit since.

      Very briefly, in grade school, I was ‘tall’ – before everybody else caught up the next year!

    1. I’m going for “adventure game hero in a sweater dress” these days, but I will accept Jedi as well.

  15. I remember one time in high school I was trying to find out the name of a girl, and when I described her as short, and indicated where on me she came up to, all the girls I was asking immediately went “that’s average height”

    1. Yeah. All too often we fail to realize that short or tall is relative. I’m 5’11 1/2″ (Okay. 6’0″.) I’m a little taller than average. So, a 5’4″ tall woman would be average to me. But, to a 5’6″ tall guy, that same woman would be tall and to a 6’6″ tall guy she’d be short. Of course, it also has something to do with mental images as well.

  16. My mom and my sisters are the only girls on Mom’s side of the family to be over 5′. One of my girl cousins from that side only dates people who are 6′ something. It’s entertaining to watch the height difference.

  17. I’m with Fox on this one: at 6’4″, I’m at a serious disadvantage, as the vast majority of manufacturers make their products for the fictional “norm” (meaning human average). I don’t fit in small cars (certainly not back seats!), I’ve hit my head on more door lintels than I care to count, it’s impossible to find clothes that fit (or much more expensive, if I can), getting something out of the bottom cabinet is a copper-plated beast, & most seats are uncomfortable (sit in a kiddie chair for 20 minutes, you’ll see).
    I’ve got a picture of my family at my grandmother’s birthday, arranged with her in the middle, her 2 sons & their wives, then their adult kids with their families. I’m at one end & my cousin’s husband is at the other and we look like out-of-scale add-ons towering above this V-shaped block of everyone else.

  18. Can relate.
    I’m a 5’8″ man. That’s supposedly average height. Never feels that way standing next to a 6’8″ behemoth of a dude (particularly a cop… though I’ve found in practice the big cops are nicer and less aggressive in general; people mess with them less and they have nothing to prove).

    “Average height” may not technically be “short”, but it’s certainly not “tall” either. 🙁

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