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Crouching Tundra, Hidden Driver

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We live in a town house, in a row of attached units. To get construction materials behind the house, Fox has to drive the truck up over the sidewalk, between two end units, then along a wide strip of grass behind everybody else’s yard to ours. Nobody in our quiet little suburban neighborhood seems to recognize that’s a thing that can be done – so it draws some interesting reactions!

I kinda like the kid trio I doodled for this strip, especially the cinchilla girl.

33 comments on “Caaar

  1. oh my goodness i’m seeing this comic From the future! (it’s still the 8th where i am.)

  2. Hah! Nice “dopey” looks on the childrens faces. Needs a Seley in the background, cheering on Fox

    1. I’d say they look fairly intelligent myself. Nice of Fox to warn them by revving.

      1. I just like the fact that they are actually watching for approaching cars AND GETTING OUT OF THE WAY before returning to the game.

        I like Chinchilla and the kid in the last panel too. 🙂

  3. If you keep that up, your neighbors might have a big item to check off. Depending on how angry they are, it might be your car or you.

  4. That derp face on the first panel on the bottom row is absolutely fantastic.
    Oh how I love this comic to bits! 😀

  5. You may not want kids but you sure draw cute ones. Maybe you could put them in the background of more comics? And I laughed pretty hard at this comic in general. Maybe a a few more comics where Fox just comes out of unexpected places with his truck at those kids.

  6. I can’t decide which early satellite the ball looks like. Telstar? Death Star?? 🙂

  7. I have a question for the artist/artists, Is it only mandy drawing the comic ?

    1. The whole comic-creation process is usually a collaborative effort, but the actual drawing part is all me.

      Fox generates a lot of the ideas for the comic, he helps nail down pacing and panel layout, and he has a better knack for words than I do, so usually the best dialog and punchlines are his doing. 🙂

      1. I’m the smarmy wordsmith and VP of Shenanigans

        I’m also surprised this info isn’t on the FAQ.

        1. What I want on the FAQ is does Mandy actually have Blue eyes and red hair? That’s the rarest possible combination for peeps… less then 1% as of 2010… Sorry straying conversation…

          1. Yep. I know the genes for it are recessive (most of my family is brown-eyed brunettes, just me and my great aunt are the redheads) but I didn’t think it was that rare of a combo!

  8. Have fun with those kids while they’re still able to respond to unfamiliar situations. In a few years, they’ll be fully programmed zombie robots.

    Why yes, I /have/ worked maintenance in a public school system…

  9. Children should be taught to expect the unexpected as early as possible. Fox is providing a valuable community service for those kids. Good job.

  10. Here we see the Fox in his natural habitat: driving a car and being an a-hole.

  11. Those last two panels are the first instance in curtailed history of kids not having derp eyes.

    Should we celibrate?

      1. Those o.o eyes, just help to give the true to life “Non-sentient” look that a lot of those things have.

  12. Fairly new here, but I have observed a trend. Fox is most happy when he’s chasing someone threatening mayhem

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