Fuel Efficiency

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Come to think of it, Fox’s “mean looks” don’t make it into the comic all that often – his default suit and vaguely angry expression tend to be useful for getting things done, just not all that funny.

I struggle a lot with drawing cars… (supposed to be his 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit)

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The cruiser, prior to getting the 35% tint all around (and 70 on the windshield)

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  1. You’re on the East Coast, right? It’s only 8:34 by my clock here in DE, so this is WAY early.

  2. I hear gas prices are on their way down, bet you’re happy about that, hmm?

    1. I should be, but I try not to look at the costs.
      If you’re driving a V8 these days you’ve already dismissed the cost of gas as a concern.

  3. Bye the way, is it ok to use your art/sketches as profile pictures ?

  4. i showed the pic of the charger to my friend Mandy without telling him what car its supposed to be and about 6 seconds later he said it was a probly a newish charger when i told him what it was and that you said you struggle with drawing cars he said your not as bad as you think you are

    1. Thank you! Took three restarts and then lots of erasing and tweaking on that last panel, hah – glad to hear it paid off. 🙂

  5. You’re more consistent with the cars than I am. I did a chapter that started with a few pages featuring a character’s car. I don’t think I drew it quite the same way, twice….

  6. I was surprised by that magnificent sweep of tail. Went back to February and only saw a couple of strips where the full length was evident, and even there it was curled up. Rereading reminded me of how great your comic is, and I even saw a strip (the July 4 explosive Murica strip) that I’d missed before. *happy sigh*

  7. White suits, floofy tails, and bare feet… On a bare gas station lot…
    I don’t know…

    (Love the comic. Cars are hard!)

  8. I think you’re getting better at drawing cars. You even gave the Charger a chopped top. 🙂
    I think the difficulty in drawing cars comes from drawing characters, actually. I remember – as a kid – I drew cars A LOT, and I was really good at it, but I never drew people because I was not so good at drawing people.
    When I got better at drawing people, my cars began to get ugly. Really ugly. I think the brain recognizes organic and mechanical shapes differently, so practice is needed in drawing BOTH (as in, practicing drawing alot of people will not exercise the brain functions required in drawing boxy, mechanical things)
    Just a thought.

    And as for the comic, Fox should deff look into the new Hellcat charger. Just puttin’ it out there …

    1. I’ve noticed that too – a lot of artists seem to be either good at organic shapes like characters and natural scenery, or good at precision like architectural drawings or vehicles. As a kid I thought I might be an architect one day – I don’t regret deciding against that, heh.

      It seems to take a lot of practice to get good at both! I try to take some time to draw backgrounds/scenery/machined objects like appliances that aren’t squash-and-stretch expressive the way characters can be – but cars occupy that weak point of both “these are out of my comfort zone” and “these utterly bore me as a subject” so they’re especially hard to make myself work on! 😀

    2. I don’t know the year but there is a late model Mustang that I think is hilarious because the front-end looks like a late model Charger wannabe. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. *sigh* I would give anything to have Pursuit. I would just drive it for the heck of it lol.

    1. At first, anyway.
      At $75 bucks a tank, it discourages frequent use.
      Especially when the tank is twice as big as my commuter’s, and it drains it twice as fast.

  10. Wish I didn’t have to take my Chevy 454 lowrider pick’m-up truck off the road… wouldn’t pass emissions and of course it was a gas guzzler. Had to get a Mini Cooper instead, not complaining about the Mini though, it’s helluva fun to drive! =3

    1. Yeah.
      Or slow down when they, and everyone else, see me behind them. And then we all get to do what I call “The Speed Limit Parade”. This is irritating.
      Or they try to speed past me and hit what has been dubbed “The Forcefield” at the front of the cruiser, which is when they notice the hubcaps and the spotlight, let off the gas and pretend they weren’t speeding. Then they drop back into my blindspot and stay there. This is also irritating.
      I also get to sit in every yellow light when I’m following someone, because they slam on the brakes. (Because apparently they believe running a yellow is now a crime)
      You basically get into the habit of driving very cautiously because you can’t predict the behavior of other drivers like you can in normal cars. There’s a lot of immediate deceleration when the passive aura of the cruiser transforms them from your typically roadmook into “The Best Driver in the World!”

      It’s an awesome car, very smooth ride, but like most things in life other people tend to make the experience less enjoyable.

  11. I married a lady veterinarian who involved us in wildlife rescues. This last summer the local Jewish community donated a Hummer H1 Alpha Wagon to the cause so that we can haul our horses wherever they need to go. Fortunately Game and Fish provides her diesel. I try hard not to play with the emergency lights and siren!

      1. I actually wish there was more room. The floor is so high to move the suspension, powertrain and other equipment above the wheel axles for ground clearance that there is less room that it seems. And what we have is stuffed with veterinary supplies, rope and capture blankets, collapsible cages and squeaky toys.

  12. I must be the worst male in the world, or at least on these boards. Cars bore the dickens outta me. If it’s got more than two wheels, or if it doesn’t have wings and a prop, I don’t want to know about it. Cars have always been just another tool to me. Like guns, I don’t see a difference between owning them or owning a crescent wrench. The use of the tool is different (and with different safety concerns) but beyond that – – – Y*A*W*N!

  13. Growing up in what others would consider a “quant little town” in an area of Wisconsin, everyone loved cars, wrestling, football, and mountain dew.

    I liked video games.

    Just guess how bad the bullying was. -.-

  14. Heh. You people and your cars.

    I ride a BIKE. A car runs on money and saves fat. My bike runs on fat and saves money.

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