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    1. If that hasn’t been used as a jingle in a leaf blower commercial then every marketeer involved since 84 should be fired, and the marketing companies sued…

  1. Gaah! I can’t STAND those things! I wouldn’t mind them so much but the operators of those ghastly little monsters seem intent on using them at an UNGODLY hour of the morning! (Which for me, is ALL of them! I like to get up bright and early every afternoon. But I can run all night after that.)

    1. I wouldn’t so much say I can’t STAND them, but I have been wary around them ever since one spooked the horse I was riding, leading me to a fall and a knee injury that still acts up two/three years later. Which is strange since I’ve had it X-rayed shortly after the fall and nothing was visible on it…

      That being said this is still funny. I understand Fox’s pain XD

      1. Yeah, with that sort of horse incident from a leaf blower, I can understand being less than friendly towards them.
        I recently had a bunch of wax cleared from my ears, nobody noticed that my hearing was down because my ears were still very sensitive, but now that it is out, I certainly can tell. My wife says I have “alien ears” because of how sensitive they are. This is the source of my antipathy towards these devil devices. They HURT near me!

  2. can we have him come here this fall? i make great cocktails too as a payment. even got 60 degree alochol finish vodka hehe

  3. I’m surprised there wasn’t neighbors standing in the street watching this (or cussing when Fix jumped on the van)

    1. You’d think they’d be happy, that’s at least 16 leaves they won’t have to rake/sweep up

  4. Today’s last panel was drawn by seven-year-old Billy…

    Sorry, i can’t resist a dotted line through the neighborhood reference

  5. The quick brown Fox jumps over the parked cars, thru the slalom of trees and flies thru the street, picking up every single leaf in the way!
    Now… where is that lazy dog,…

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