Paternal Pride

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Nick – the friend pictured here – actually has three kids, but still plenty of room in his heart for those little phone game monsters. What a guy!

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  1. The little phone-game monsters are for stress relief from the real ones! 😉

  2. “I’ve been accused of not being a kid person.” – Mandy (c)

  3. At an age where virtually all of our friends are married and most of them are all “babies, babies, babies!!!” I really empathise with this comic as a part of a couple totally uninterested in either.

    1. Look at our tiny, noisy money funnels!

      I’ve a noisy money funnel too, but at least it does 0-60 in under 6 seconds.

        1. I was going to follow up with a picture of mine, but I realized I loaned it to my father and have no pictures on hand…

          I’m much more sad then I should be over the fact that I can’t follow up on a message thread.

      1. I once witnessed a totally honest father refer to their newborn as a “screaming tube”…

  4. Mine are all 7-16 and somehow have the same personality: doesn’t care. They also happen to be all rogues except for a ranger and a monk

    1. You know, that almost sounds like it should be a thing. Describing one’s kids by their class.

      Then again, you could just get them to all play together in a party for family night gatherings and actually give them those classes for realsies. Hrm. Now I’m almost interested in kids… almost. No. No I think I’m still good. I can get other people to play with that don’t involve changing diapers or screaming at 3am. =P

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