Ham it Up

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 I had “Mad Max but with hamsters” written in the idea file on my phone for a while, figured I should get to it while it was still relevant!

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  1. obviously the mad max parody is incorrect. The hamsterballs would have to be heavy-metal souped-up demon wheels.

  2. These movies must be made. You are a tribute to Hamerica, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. Fox: Oh yeah? Where’s the punchline?
      *Fox gets punched* Ow!
      Mandy: You see? I can make punchlines with them too!
      Fox: What… you had one chance to say “it’ll hit you at any moment”, honey. One!

  3. (puts on his best Mike Pollock voice)

    Maybe you should put one of those rascals in villian clothes so you’ll have an excuse to get some evil ham.

  4. Nearly fell off my chair laughing at this one! The funniest Curtailed I’ve ever read. ^_^

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a hamster ball in the Jurassic Ham poster; they work like the gyrospheres in Jurassic World!

    Also, may I suggest: Ant-Ham; Hamtastic Four; and, of course, Mission: Hampossible – Rogue Ham!

  5. For the more cultured viewers: Hamlet, Hameo and Juliet, The Tale of Two Hamsters…

    Should we be encouraging this?

  6. And of course the flamethrower guitar is playing a heavy metal version of the Hamster Dance. Sorry for the earworm.

  7. Well okay then. Rereading Shortpacked! At the moment and this happens go along very well

    Also apparently insanity is very diverse

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