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  1. If you make enough wrong turns, it starts to sound ticked off.

    1. I make “wrong” turns just to hear that petulant “recalculating” as I get on we,,, not so much NERVES, but in that genre!

    1. She has no moving parts. What’s the worst that could happen? She could give him weird directions?

      1. Someday, Seley will ask Fox to pick her up from someplace, and Anna will give him directions to the nearest beach, instead.

    1. In that case, I’m pretty sure he either has a gun, a rocket launcher, or a grappling hook.

      Or all three combined into one.

  2. Mine (a TomTom) has the voice of Wallace and Grommet. I’m offered cheese or tea at the end of every journey 🙂

    1. TomTom has a LOT of voice packs available. You can get directions from Darth Vader, Kermit the Frog, all sorts of wackiness.

      1. That they do! The W&G voice pack is funny and helps distract me in stressful driving situations (like not knowing where I’m going in the mazes here). Bonus: the first time the hubby heard it was a major “WTF is that?!?!” moment. Was great 😀

  3. So Fox is with the Beatles on this? ‘Baby, you can drive my car…’

  4. Mine is Ellen. She’s a bit bossy, but she has my best interests at heart. My wife suspects that I love Ellen more than her. She may be right.

  5. I use my phone for my navigation, but I’ve recently discovered that if you switch the language setting from English(US) to English(UK), you get a chipper british gal instead of the standard flat robotic voice.

    1. Not sure which phone you’re using (or map app) but this is Google Maps. It appears to be based on reception, but my Galaxy S5 immediately had a more sultry voice the first time I asked for directions. If the bandwidth gets lower it seems to drop back to the old voice.
      Meanwhile, using OK Google to look things up uses a different voice.

      1. Hm. Must be something odd with your language settings. Mine keeps the british girl no matter what. *shrug*

  6. Mine always sounds angry. It must be because I like to go the back way, rather than on the highway.

  7. Since when do GPSs do things in feet? I’ve only ever heard them using meters or yards.

    1. My Garmin Nuvi (which has a squirrel’s voice, and asks if gas stations sell walnuts, gets distracted, etc) will tell me feet for up-coming turns in-town. At speeds over 35, it doesn’t.

  8. The question is, does Anna decide randomly you are in the ocean and tell you find the nearest road or does it decide you are in the field next to the road like ours does?

    1. Nah, Anna is from Google. I’ve learned to stop arguing with Anna because she’s usually right.

  9. I just want a GPS with the Spanish (MX) voice of Danny Trejo.

  10. When I first got my BMW Z4 35is, the language was still set for German and the first thing the navigator said was Gelassenheit, the German word for serenity. Nothing else, just Gelassenheit. Since it seemed that the car was naming herself, Serenity became her name.

  11. I’ve got an older Garmin GPS from back when a map update cost more than a new GPS unit, so it spends a lot of time saying, “Re-calculating!” in a somewhat annoyed tone. It sounds like my older sister… You just know it’s thinking, “What the blazes are we doing in the middle of an empty field doing 70 miles per hour???”

    1. Had a similar issue. My old GPS only had a female voice, and I swear it used to sigh at me like an angry teen.

  12. I just want to know why everyone in the car stops talking to listen to her prattle on.

    1. People are like that–they talk about stuff, finding humor and entertainment in all sorts of mundane observations. If they’re very good at it, they sometimes become writers or webcomic authors.

      1. I meant the gps. Whenever mine starts talking everyone in the car stops talking to listen to it.

        1. None of our GPS units talk. The only devices that we have that talk are in our airplanes-namely the Traffic Advisory System. All it tells the user is when it cannot function. It’ll say “Traffic not available”. Every other system uses a tone to tell us what is going on. Some are merely advisory while others require immediate action or they’ll be the last thing you ever hear.

        2. Ah, well… You paid for its advice, so you listen. The others in the car are just being polite for the driver’s sake.

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