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  1. i’m assuming the time zone difference is around 4 hours since its only 8:01 pm Jan 7 here and your post is showing Jan 8 12:01 am. Yet new strip makes me happy.

      1. “At the tone, nineteen hours, twenty minutes, Coordinated Universal Time….. *BEEP*

        ……….I listen to far too much WWV……….

        1. 1 (303) 499-7111 is burned into memory. Double-check the Audichron. Hard to get a decent shortwave signal in a sea of Step Switches and relays and little arcs and sparks everywhere.

  2. Nice comic, and the new nose seems more expressive, although I am more used to the original style.

  3. When I was little, I always thought it was weird how casseroles could be made of almost anything. Every time I read about a casserole or saw one on TV, it was made with completely different ingredients. Every casserole I saw looked different too, so that just made me more confused.

  4. Squash Casserole, this is not a thing I’m used to.

    Then again, this is because my father being the cook has attempted Ethiopian style cooking despite never trying Ethiopian style cooking before, I’m used to experimental dishes that somewhere about halfway through the recipe was decided to go with something different.

    And my own cooking just has the CDC descend upon the apartment…

    1. And my own cooking just has the CDC descend upon the apartment…

      I resemble that remark. LOL.

    1. Considering I am a member of the North Carolina GOURD Society… The title rather made my day too! 🙂

  5. Acting out Fox’s lines was a joy overall. Calm, calm, calm, urgent; that consistency, paired with that shift, made for a fun performance.

  6. Mandy, I’m with you where spicy foods are concerned, although I can, on extremely rare occasions, tolerate mild Cajun cooking. I do like Jambalaya and gumbo. I just need a LOT of bread to soak the spice oils up.

  7. More of the new nose!
    I still like it better, but it still feels like this is a different character. Like they just replaced an actor on a show and hoped no one would notice.

    1. I prefer the old nose. (…but I refuse to insult the new one. :-))

  8. I’ve grown squash in my garden every year since about 2009-ish, because nothing else can produce so much food on such a small amount of soil. I’ve made squash soup, fried squash, baked squash, boiled-and-mashed-with-butter squash, even raw squash in a salad–but the concept of a squash casserole has simply never before occurred to me. What a deprived life I’ve led..! Or was that “depraved” instead? No, I’m sure it’s “deprived.”

    1. Try growing corn, beans, and squash together! The Indians(Injuns!) called them The Three Sisters.
      Corn grows tall. Beans climb the corn stalk. Squash as ground cover. Eat all three!

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