Monkey See

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This one is basically all just Fox being witty.

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I told him to pick any animal. He picked the one most like a human.
Because there was some confusion: that’s a window, not a painting. He’s looking out the window of a tall office building where we work.

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  1. I don’t get it. I recognize the reference but have no idea why Fox is using it.

    1. They’re standing in front of a window on the upper levels of an office building, presumably the one where Fox has his real person job.

    2. You’re smarter than I am. I don’t even get the reference! I’m probably just too old for- No, wait; I like ponies, so…

    3. We didn’t see the chance of confusion when reviewing it, but we knew the scenario.
      I’m not an artist, but upon considering the situation, while I can now easily see the confusion some are having I’ve trouble thinking of a better way to illustrate “box next to character” is a window, rather than a picture.
      Talking about it now the picture probably should have started from the outside looking in.

      1. Oh, I had -no- problem recognizing the window as a window. It’s just that I’ve only ever seen ‘The Lion King’ once and that was when it was almost new. I just plain didn’t recognize the line. 🙁 Guess I need to go check the cheap dvd bins more often. 😉

        1. p.s. Once I saw Fox’s video post I loved the whole comic! It was funny before, even though I didn’t understand what he was laughing at. It’s just even more funny now. 🙂

  2. *ppfffft!*

    Of course, Fox had to wait until his friend was in the middle of drinking coffee before cracking that joke. It wouldn’t be as funny without the chance of hot, bitter liquid being shot out of the nostrils.

    1. One of the working titles we had, before deciding on “Curtailed,” was “They Can’t All be Gems.”

      1. Aaah, but this one -is- a gem to me! …once I was reminded of the Lion King. 😉 Seriously; I love this kind of joke!

  3. I actually misread co-worker’s line as “What’s up, *doc*?”

    Does that count as a double reference?

  4. Yup, I do the same thing at my workplace: visit the breakroom and stare out at the freedom just beyond my grasp.

  5. I got the joke right off and found it hilarious. I was actually surprised when I read the comments and saw all the confusion. I thought it was obvious…guess not. But then there are plenty of references that I don’t get in my daily life.

  6. This one does a good deal to illustrate some of the complexities of creating comics that not everyone thinks about. We have to reject a great deal of jokes that people just can’t relate to, or can’t be explained easily. In this case it also highlights complexities of making what the reader sees obvious, such as whether something is a window or a painting.
    Fortunately it’s just a free web comic and was still funnier than most of what I read in the paper this weekend. It was also a hell of a lot better drawn.

    1. No, not really. As mentioned before, my voice is closer to Jeremy Irons. I was curious how close I could match James Earl Jones and tried it. My ‘default’ speaking voice is higher pitch than his (whose isn’t) but while his is smooth, mine is gravely.
      I tested a few times, raising the pitch until I got rid of the gravel. The end result was amusing enough to record and post–somewhere between Jones and Irons.

      Normal version: (Gravel)
      Pitched version:

      1. Good try Mr. Fox, but that rich baritone is very hard to replicate. Truly a rare specimen of vocal beauty.

      2. Huh.. I actually liked the more ‘normal’ voiced version slightly better. 😉

        1. Mandy has already declared I’ll be responsible for a majority of voice acting in anything she ever animates….if she ever animated anything.

  7. Of all the animals you could choose, you choose the one most like a human? I’d pick a Ferret or something! If you had a chance to be an anthropomorphic animal, picking something like a monkey would be a comparatively bland sensory experience! …If that makes sense. XD

    1. We generally let people choose their own animal. I asked and told him he looks like a bird. Apparently he had some nickname in school about being birdman or something (pole vaulting? I don’t remember) so he said anything but that.
      When we all went out for lunch I brought it up and someone said “Make him a monkey. All he does is hide from the problems up in the trees and throw shit at us.” While I didn’t like the idea of making him a monkey, I couldn’t stop laughing at how appropriate that response was.

      1. I can see now why you couldn’t resist, then. XD Let’s hope he didn’t feel too trolled.

  8. This is one of those comics I read, and instantly, I’m praying for a chance to steal the line for myself. Loved it!. (P.S. I don’t get why thinking the window is a painting/chart/doortoamassivemicrovaveoven supposedly kills the joke. As a window, or especially a chart, I’m thinking It’d make it funnier… This fan-reaction genuinely has me confuseld…)

  9. Was just told about this comic 3 days ago, and I have read it all. I love it so far, and can’t wait for more. 😀

    Now I am off to read Precocious, as I have been putting that off, and this encouraged me to do it. 😀

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