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And why I do the writing. πŸ™‚ Maybe one day we’ll do a comic where I draw it, and Mandy does the dialog.
It will be pathetic.

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I love Amazon Prime. Basically the only thing I go to the store for anymore is food.

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I prefer ‘Yay!’ brand detergent anyway
Seriously though, those little pods are convenient.

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  1. Oh no, they’ve gone meta. We must stop them before it spreads. Fetch the shotguns.

    1. There’s no fourth wall in real life, so I wouldn’t expect it to exist within a semi-autobiographical comic. You silly silly boy.

  2. Did you do something different with this comic? The characters seem to pop out more than normal.

  3. That is so me. I love Amazon Prime so much I want to start a cult religion around it. I mean, why not?

    For so long as you are Exalted in Amazon’s eyes by having signed up for Prime and One-Click Ordering, you are One with the Church. You need only sufficient Worth (and this is nothing nebulous or difficult like spiritual purity or chastity – Worth in the Church of Amazon simply means Access to Sufficient Funds) and you need never feel outcast or deprived. Should you discover a need for anything – ANYTHING – from a new shower head to warmer socks to dining room chairs to videos to herbal tea – you simply click the Amazon bookmark and Amazon Prime welcomes you into its loving embrace. Be not alarmed if it already knows what you seek and has posted it on the front page for you – this has happened to me more than once. Or lo! simply begin typing your desire and within a few keystrokes Amazon has divined your need and brought it before you, and you gratefully accept by clicking a button. And you are DONE. No humanity, no base earthly tribulations come between you and your indulgent Lord; and you need never fret that your prayers were not heard. For behold, the item doth arrive at your door in tidy packaging within two days, usually for less money than you could have gotten it locally, and certainly with less hassle. All hail the Glory of Prime!

  4. Oh… My God.

    Fox how

    Fox. How do I get my own Seley

    I must have one.

    I must. I mussst. I mussssssssst!

    1. You buy it on Amazon Prime. I saw somewhere that it is a good place to buy stuff. πŸ˜€

      1. Alright! Close enough!

        I will buy her and give her red yarn hair and make her her own miniature DS. It will be amazing.

    2. 1. She finds you.
      2. She sits near you in the next semester of the class so she can be in your group.
      3. She’s the only person in that group you don’t want to die.
      4. Break all communication with her for 10 months after that since she already has a boyfriend.
      5. Go date other women and travel to other countries
      6. Realize you’ve nothing in common with them, or outright hate them
      7. Come back and enact a typical ending of a crappy WB show

      So…you don’t. Mandy ‘won’ because she didn’t try to ‘own’ or ‘have’ me. She was, as she put it, the Tails to my Sonic. She tags along and doesn’t try to restrict me. Sometimes I recruit her assistance. You don’t try to cage wild animals–they just coexist.

      1. “The Tails to [your] Sonic.”

        Too bad she can’t fly.

      2. Wow… That’s a story for the ages.

        I wish that could happen to me… The finding someone I like by them just sitting next to me, not the traveling or the her having a boyfriend or the other bad dates.

        The only question I have is “What WB show would you compare you finding her again to?

        1. Whichever involves me coming back after 10 months to tell her I can’t stop comparing other people to her and thus have decided I’ve placed her upon an unrealistic pedestal and would like her help in shattering it so I can move on in my life. The rest would need a scene for meeting the (now) fiance again, seeing how stressed she is, being Fox and deciding he needs to go have a chat with her parents about everything to get some perspective and ultimately against all odds everything working out in the end.
          There was a lot of drama.
          I hate drama.
          It’s why I left the country several times.

          1. I’ve never been one for drama myself. When I was in high school, a lot of the issues that most of the students had just didn’t really seem that big of a deal.

            One of the reasons why I never got myself a girlfriend was because I was afraid that there would be a mountain of issues that I would have to deal with, and considering that I have the social skills of a tree stump, it would have ended badly.

            The plan WAS for me to try to find at least someone to date with when I got into college, but I’ve never been good with girls, so… *Ahem*

  5. Good golly that sweater is so cute. I’mma get me one! πŸ™‚

    1. Also, of course, an Amazon Prime purchase! That specific one isn’t there anymore but try searching “sweater dress.”

      1. FOURTH! I bet that comic would be one of the best (worst?) comics here.

  6. Dat moment when you missed the perfect time for an awesome pun. Cuz puns are the best when used with Fox’s level of skill.

  7. I was unaware that ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ was a meme, it not being part of my mother’s repertoire. So I looked it up; first confirmed sighting reported in a 1988 Paula Poundstone routine, but no doubt a maternal scold long before that.

    Also: ‘Tide-Da!’

  8. (Yoda Voice): I sense much cynicism in this one. To the Dark Side of Comedy will he turn!

  9. I hate math now. We had to find the area of a lake formed by a dam and I “dammed”it by drawing a pentagram on it. Now I read Seley saying “Damn it” and I have the urge to pentagram it. Then drop my pants and exclaim “Pudding” because I ask myself “what would Dean do?”

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