Night Train of Thought

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I have no further context for you. That’s verbatim what I wrote down, and I don’t remember any of the actual dream. It seemed hilarious at 4am?

Anyway the advice to “keep a journal or your phone by your bed so you can write down ideas as soon as you have them” has extremely mixed results!

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    1. To quote Charlie Chan: “Train of thought now need wrecking crew.”
      She’s cute at 4AM though.

      1. LOL – Now that I look at this strip again, the bed-hair in that first panel is pretty darned amusing too! 🙂

  1. I actually do that too for potential short stories… After many pages worth of notes I can promise you, you will think of yourself as the biggest lunatic in the world in short order.

    Case in point. “Mountain cowboys on alien planet riding mountain goats”. I think I looked at myself in the mirror disapprovingly for a few minutes after that.

    1. Side note, that pillow alone was worth a note. I can only imagine it’s bloodthirsty plushiness and it makes me happy.

  2. What likely will end up with me is that I’ll be very tired in the morning.

    But on the other hand I’ll have advanced around 5-10 levels in Candy Crush Soda Saga by morning. >.>

  3. Those moments are some of the best because of how incomprehensible they can be. Woke up one morning myself to see “Shakira Space Jam” “Hoops don’t lie”

  4. I got it it was supposed to be How to be sad “at being sad”

  5. I had the impression that the dream was more how to cope with sadness, like with a comforting plushie and comfort food ( because cheese bread ).

  6. Just one question…
    Did you by chance look through the latest IKEA catalog the day before?
    Because they have a blue shark plushie…

  7. Hey, all your sleepy self said is that it would make a good comic. Looking at the comic I see that your sleepy self was correct.

  8. H. Allen Smith’s How to Write Without Knowing Nothing has a chapter on these. My favorite is the English admiral who repeatedly dreamed of a way to end WWI swiftly and happily, but forgot it when he woke. Finally he managed to force himself to write it down, and the next day he read it: ‘The skin is mightier than the banana.’

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