Happy Explosions Day!

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 In good conscience, I tagged this comic with “reality inspired,” since it didn’t happen on the Fourth of July, or with this particular group of people… but, as Fox mentioned in the comments last year, the part about blowing up absolutely vaporizing a cake with too-strong fireworks is 100% factual.

Keep those fire extinguishers handy for a safe and happy Independence Day, everybody! 😀

19 comments on “Happy Explosions Day!

  1. I don’t know what I like better the writing on the cake of the explosion

  2. Heh… I suppose shouting “Fire in the hole!” is too late?

  3. This is why you don’t do EVERYTHING Duff Goldman does to cake…

  4. Hah! 🙂 Makes me wonder if they did the Anvil Launching at the Museum of Appalachia this year. 🙂

  5. Seley tail!
    I was close enough to the fireworks yesterday that the explosions vibrated through me as I lay on the bridge looking up. Eee!

  6. Now I wonder what type of gun Fox uses to hunt Easter Eggs.

  7. I like the lighting. And the distant trees in the background look real clever.

  8. Fox, you ‘n’ I have GOTS to get together to make some stuff for NEXT year. Unless yer powder got damp, this wuz just a bit on the wimpy side……at least by my standards. Ya didn’t leave a crater!!!!! 😉

    1. S’aar…Perhaps I should try to get to Fl. Next year…Sounds like fun 😉

      I’ll leave the experimental fireworks at home 😀

      1. NOOOO……BRING ‘EM……the more boom the better. Trust me, my neighbors are used to it. 😉

  9. I should have given this idea to my boyfriend with all his fireworks

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