Scrubbing Troubles

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 Once you have a sword and shield around the house, you’ll find endless uses for it!

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If I can smell it, it’s really bad.

For our readers unfamiliar, there’s a product in The States called “Scrubbing Bubbles”, and is the pun on this week’s title.
It’s designed to clean bathrooms, not sinks, but was too good to pass up.
Almost left the title “Scrubbing Trubbles”, but realized that won’t run through a translator!

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      1. Never underestimate the value of a good poleaxe under the right circumstances.


  1. Ha! Reminds me of the sink scene from the 2016 Melissa McCarthy movie! Incredible expression for Fox in the second panel, it reminds me of Sleet from Sonic Underground. Is the skull mist a reference to Usagi Yojimbo?

  2. Title? “Scrubbing Tribbles!” Doesn’t rhyme, but it’s funny. 🙂

  3. DO NOT go after it with Ajax and bleach! I did that as a teen once. Chlorine gas is a hard smell to cover up from suspicious parents.

    1. The practical thing is to just pour a little chlorine bleach on it and walk away for a few minutes… Then come back and rinse it off–and then wash the dishes. But where’s the funny story in THAT?!

  4. There’s something to like in every panel. In the first panel, Fox looks so clueless, like one of those empty-eyed children. Then, in the second panel, there’s the black background with the white ghost, and Fox’s really scrunched up nose and snarl. In the third one, there’s the unrealistic water splash, where it doesn’t spill out of the sink, but at the same time spills out of the frame. Then, in the fourth panel, Mandy is just wandering around, playing her DS. And in the last panel, you only see the upper half of Fox’s face, as he’s prepared for battle.

    There are a few things I don’t like. The second panel is supposedly right after the first, but it feels disconnected because Fox’s glass, in his hand, is missing. If there was some indication, if it fell, or is on the counter, or something, I think that would make it seem more real.

    But yeah, that’s about it. You’re really great!

    1. I honestly just forgot about the glass he was holding – whoops!

      Thank you for the feedback! You’re very kind 🙂

    2. now i thought he dropped it from the shock factor. I believe rolled for surprise and failed ( ie. a one on a 1d100 ).

        1. that was a combat roll, thankyouverymuch. Fox didn’t lose the glass, he launched it at the enemy!

  5. Fox is like me, an inhibited to non-existent sense of smell! Yay I’m not alone in the world anymore!

  6. Some times I wonder if you’re some how telling the story of my wife and I, far too many of these strips hit close to home.

    Also, I want to see pictures of the sword!

    1. Kinda like the fridge on the ol’ “Dinosaurs” tv show! 🙂 (Loved that show!)

  7. Fox, just think about it, only a few days ago, that was stuff you were eating. As the old song put it,

    What a difference a (few) day(s) makes!
    (urp! gag!)

  8. Sounds like my sink….there’s at least one pan in the oven at the moment after a panic game of ‘hide the dishes for when landlord people are coming’

  9. if i put anything like that in the dishwasher it would get sick a puke every thing out.

  10. I get the “I can snell it, it must be bad.” feeling. Last thing I remember smelling was s’mores. Turns out that was from a fire, in the building I left most of my possessions in. On a cold day. With my coat falling into the aforementioned category.

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