Sketchbook Intermission 9

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 You know the story – hell of a week, excuses excuses, feel bad about it but just couldn’t get a comic together in time.

On the left, “version 1” of this comic – the doodle I showed Fox that made him laugh out loud – which means “yes, make that a real comic.”
On the right, “why Mandy dresses like a tomboy most of the time.”

We’ll see you next week!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your week, and I really like that you have brought back sketchbook intermission.

      1. I would like to see more of the sketchbook style if future comics. I especially liked Fox’s expression on the left side middle because it is a simple and expresses so many different ideas, such as nonchalance, sarcasm, and task-oriented attitude.

        Also, thanks for showing the previous nose style again. Not only because it is more familiar, but I feel it has more of a cartoony and lighthearted style that is like a unique hard-to-find anime favorite.

        1. Am I the only one who still can’t see the difference in the noses? I keep trying, looking back and forth at old comics and new. I still see no difference at all.

          1. It’s cool. I went back and compared a few and noticed they reminded me of characters from other shows. The armor tree comic had a ridge and triangular nose similar to Felina Feral from Swat Kats. Last week’s had a ridge and “v” shape similar to Mirage from Aladdin. I feel like this week’s seems similar to 80s anime with a triangular nose that is triangular and shinier.

          2. The old nose was a fuller, more ‘equilateral’ triangle shape. The new one is about the same width but much less deep vertically; much pointier on the horizontal ends and more obtuse on the bottom. (Reminds me of a mid-1950s hood ornament. 😉 I forget which hood ornament; maybe a Ford Thunderbird?) 🙂 🙂 🙂

          3. Had to look up the hood ornament. Saw a few versions and one looks similar.

  2. I’m also very glad that you are taking a break from a rough week. You are allowed to mental health days (or drawing days).

    I hope we get to see Fox’s adventures at the Russian embassy and your fun time at the Aerospace Museum!!

    Be well!

    1. I was very surprised to see the twitter updates about him at the Russian embassy and with wish to know more.

  3. Remember, you don’t “Owe” any of us anything. You do these comics for free for us every single week, sometimes even WHEN bad shit’s going down in your life.

    If anybody decides that they can’t handle you needing some time to get your life together to wait a week for a comic, as high quality as it is, then you don’t need readers like that. Most likely they haven’t donated a dime and are the guys thinking that you replying to their comments means they’re friends with you now.

    Move at your own pace. Life happens. Sometimes good things happen and you feel you can shell out a banger of a comic once a week. Other times you end up getting sick, or the bills start piling up, or someone in the family ends up having health issues, or countless other things that life can throw at you to really fuck up your day for the sole purpose of fucking it up.

    So please, as someone who has seen lots of artists and creatives run themselves into the ground for those around them, PLEASE, take care of yourself.

    You have a amazing talent. Remember that you are the one that decides when to use it, not some nameless person at the other end of the screen that you never met before.

    Now, for your sake, and for the sake of this name typing at you, please get some rest and take care of the things that need taking care of. The comics can wait. Your health and well being comes first.

    1. I too appreciate the series. It is amazing I can find webcomics at all on the internet since it means a person is sacrificing their time, effort, and materials when the outcome from the audience is uncertain. I would follow this series if it updated irregularly because of it’s great 80s anime style and Sunday Funnies humor, but I am glad to see regular updates that sometimes are more surprising than the regular series, such as the Sonic coloring video. Take care.

  4. I am surprised that fox is still alive after everything he does.

    Still sketches are great 🙂 Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  5. DC is a neat place to visit, especially Madame Tussauds wax museum. In 2010 my high school’s marching band participated in the St. Patty’s day parade, so one day we went there. I don’t entirely remember why, but I was in a suit that day, and I decided to get a pic taken of myself standing next to a wax likeness of Johnny Depp. To this day I trick people into thinking I’ve actually met him with it.

  6. Tomboy’s rule! Particularly appropriate description in this case 😀

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