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  1. Knowing Fox, why do I think he and one other just volunteered to GET TASED instead of tasing someone?

    Best way to learn about Tasers……GET NAILED WITH ONE……you’ll REALLY learn. ;-p

      1. Panel three background, there’s another volunteer. Perhaps not as enthusiastic, but he is raising his hand.

  2. Wish I could have made it to Katsucon (money being tight and not being able to keep taking time off, DARN YOU NINTENDO AND YOUR GLORIOUS NEW HYBRID CONSOLE!), although my store is getting nailed (somewhat) with deliveries for Katsucon-goers staying at hotels in Old Town. :3

  3. Fox, he said taser, not laser. It’s not as much fun getting tagged.
    Oh well, you’ll find out. Take notes, we want to hear every detail.

  4. Fox’s tail wagging excitedly makes this whole comic all the better 😀

  5. Fox, if you had been able to control your tail better, the instructor MIGHT not have decided to use you as an example. LOL.

  6. So Seley’s an example by association?

    Regarding the cop, were he a Maverick Hunter, I could see him wielding a buster, as opposed to a melee or a hardware.

  7. Great positioning of the hand and the speech bubble indicating Fox interrupting the question. Lovely work!

  8. Am I the only one who had a sudden flash of Bobcat Goldtwaite saying “Citizens on Patrol!”?

  9. LOL! I’ve been tased, hit with a stun gun, cattle prod, thrown into a electric fence and hit with both 110 and 220. You Sir, are about to have a story! Have fun and hell yeah on volunteering! Most people ain’t got the stones. All the coffee in the world won’t wake you up like electricity will.

  10. Ah, Fox, they won’t let you wear your armor while getting tazed…

  11. One, you finally updated the news feed. Two, I get the feeling Fox is in trouble now.

    1. We only update the news feed for really big stuff. We use social media for the rest.

      Plus, it’s more of a pain.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the profession, and thank you for creating a comic about it. Those of us in Law Enforcement are still reeling from last year. I hope you have a great time, and soak up as much as you can.

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