Valentines Day 2017

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 Happy Valentines Day! If you’re in need of a last minute card for your sweetheart, you’re in luck! You can download these romantic valentines from the files below – in full color, or in black and white so you can color your own! Print, cut apart, and give to all your favorite people 🙂

+ Curtailed Valentines – Color (PDF)
+ Curtailed Valentines – Black and White (PDF)

34 comments on “Valentines Day 2017

  1. This looks amazing!

    Questions for the Fox and Seley, is the third panel your Katsucostumes? Is the second panel a reference to the Talking Spider comic?

    Regarding Katsucon, I was surprised to read your only panel is at 9:30 at night.

      1. I’m sorry, Mr. Keegan. I regret my previous actions and wish to retract my questions. Thank you for your time.

      2. ROFLMAO. I’ve often thought that myself. Why in the name of all that’s holy can’t we just accept that the author said what he meant and meant what he said. It’s kind of like a movie studio taking a book, making a movie out of said bood and putting subplots in the story that aren’t even remotely implied in the original story. LOL.

        1. Glenn and Fox, sorry about that. Regarding panel two and three, I spoke too soon because I enjoy analyzing fiction, such as details and fan theories. I now support my idea for panel three with last year’s comics before Katsucon having several items that were featured later at the convention, such as Fox’s shield and Indiana Jones style hat. I don’t like to use links, but the comic was titled Con Cargo. I’ll now take Fox’s advice and take the comics at face value.

      3. I have used the “Blue Curtains” metaphor to get out of an argument with my wife before. Very useful narrative device.

        “Is this a blue curtains moment?”


        “You know, in a book or a play the curtains are blue and your english lit prof wants you to analyze the color choice when in reality the author just flipped a coin or threw a dart at a color wheel?”

  2. Like the cosplay of Nick and Judy, though I always wonder why people see them as a romantic couple. Where I come from, the way they acted around each other is simply what best friends/close siblings do not people interested in dating. It confuses me.

    1. Same here. I guess some people just can’t accept that people of opposite gender can be close-but-platonic friends.

  3. In response to the tweet: the artist is obviously Tirrel. That’s him in the driver’s seat.

    Also: surely you can’t legally put that lightbar on your car.

      1. In many states (if not all?) laws regarding lights, or really most modifications to vehicles, are only relevant when the vehicle is operating on a public highway. Basically, “You’re using our road, you follow our laws. You’re on your property? Just don’t hurt anyone.”

        I’ve gotten really good at ensuring the wiring, which is perfectly legal while driving on the roads, stays where it should be. The lights themselves are easily put into place when at the location for the performance, and easily removed prior to leaving said location.
        At least, all except the grille lights. Those are a pain, but I’m working on something.

        This would all be tremendously easier if I could just mount the lights and leave them, but only operate them off public highways. Sadly, that’s not how the law is written.
        And probably for the best, as people would abuse it.

        1. Decorated for car shows and is a daily driver. Also, trying to get a franchise for New York Pizza Delivery (N.Y.P.D)

        2. I admire the amount of effort you put into staying just *barely* on the right side of the law.

        3. I’ve done a good bit of research on the motor vehicle code here in Arizona regarding emergency lights as I may eventually get some fire apparatus. Out here, I’d leave the lightbar mounted and either use a cover or change lens colors, depending on the type of bar. Red and blue are legal for non-emergency vehicles to use on public roads as long as they are not visable to the front. Many of our highway department trucks have flashing red lights now-a few have flashing red and blue lights.

          Also, if someone really wants to use lights on their car (and make money with it), they can get licensed to provide funeral escorts. You have to get permission from the county sheriff and pass an emergency driving course as well as provide proof of insurance. Funeral escort vehicles are considered to be emergency vehicles under state law and are authorized to use lights and sirens on public roads in performance of their duties. Under prescribed circumstances, they may pass through red lights and may exceed the posted speed limit by as much as fifteen miles an hour. They may also direct traffic or stop cross traffic to permit a funeral procession to pass.

        4. Ah-Ha! I was wondering how in the world you were going to drive this modded-the-heck-out-of car to the convention. Now I understand. The car is getting the costume on at the convention same as the people. .

  4. When I first saw this one, I thought that, since Fox seems to not like romantic things too much, i.e. “Don’t hug me”, you had drawn these for him. But, then, I realized that this isn’t just for or about him. (BTW, I don’t blame you in the second panel. I’ve got arachnophobia so bad that they made a movie about me by the same name.)

  5. Good choice! Halloween candy is usually a lot tastier than Valentine’s Day candy!

    1. Seriously! Jesus, why do people still buy those horrible, horrible chalk hearts? Maybe they use them to draw on the sidewalk.

    2. I prefer the candy hearts, especially the pink ones, over Halloween candy. Most of the Halloween candy seems to be regular chocolate flavor and brands that are available all year.

      1. Would rather have a bag of heart-shaped Reeses cups than a box of chocolate covered cherries *BLRRRRRGH!*

        1. Ah but our local shop sells chocolate-covered blueberries that are to die for, and only available from mid-January to whenever Easter is.

          1. Not the world biggest blueberry fan, but I can line with them. Chocolate-covered Cranberries though, YUM!

  6. Tomorrow we will get the usual rush of folks at the office applying for marriage licenses. I suspect we will also have one window reserved for marriage licenses and decorated for the occasion. I no longer work the counter and don’t miss it. You know you’re a lifer in our office when you realize that you were the clerk who issued the marriage license to the couple that you’re filing the divorce papers for. One couple was getting married for the third time-to each other.

  7. Didn’t he remember the TSA guideline? “Please remain calm as we release the bees.”

  8. I keep wondering if seley is going to chase fox with a vacuum in a future strip

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