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  1. Panel 2’s missing a comma and Panel 3’s missing an apostrophe.

  2. Mandy … You are the first woman I’ve ever heard of who doesn’t complain about her husband, boyfriend, etc. in regard to his uncanny ability to quickly lose weight. To quote Peppermint Patty’s father: You are indeed a “rare gem”! 🙂

  3. Mandy: If you guys are ZPD-ing again, search for a good deal on a Cushman Scooter. I saw one a while back, but you’d already done it – but if that wasn’t a one-shot… Fox will have to put a trailer hitch on the Cruiser and get a little Drop-Tail trailer.

  4. Oh wow, a new comic that isn’t the hourly comics day stuff! I’m surprised you didn’t post that here like usual. The hourlies are always adorable!

  5. Anyone have a link to the hourly comics Mandy drew this year handy? TY!


  6. That last panel… I’m going to break out in giggles a few hours from now “randomly” and make people wonder why.

  7. Oh hey, a new comic, AND the website got an update. As a browncoat might say, shiny.

  8. Have to say, love the update for the site. One objection though…. put your characters back beside the title, or even “in” it… please? (I find my self looking for that every time the page reloads, and I tend to reload all my comic tabs at the same time.)

  9. Fox is actually the first man who complains about being skinnier…

  10. Holy colour scheme Batman!
    Digging this site style. Also digging Mandy’s face in that last panel and that “perfect fit” font. Wonder why you chose it.

  11. Humblebrag!

    Nice work! I should take a leaf out of your book :-/

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