1. stripedfox26

    Clocky got a paint job

    • DaveEscape

      He needs to get a flame paint job so it looks like he’s going fast.

  2. dlore2177

    Clocky survived three years without getting shot 😮

    • DaveEscape

      It’s borrowed time. *snicker*

  3. eddiisnot

    Caffeine hits me like a warm blanket and a soft pillow too.

  4. Cyandog182

    This is what popped up in my head when I saw Clocky in the background.

    • DaveEscape

      If he wasn’t awake before, at the end he was.
      Who sleeps in ’till 11 am?

      • Stripedfox26

        Me though I sometimes don’t get to sleep until 3am

      • Fox

        Me, but I’ve a circadian rhythm disorder that makes me sleep from 0700-1500.

        • Frank

          Does that make you a nocturnal fox?

      • Jake


        Hell, that would be early. I’ll sleep until two in the afternoon if nobody wakes me up first.

  5. Xezlec

    You know what works better than cocaine? Going to bed at a reasonable hour. At least I assume. I’ve never tried it.

    • DaveEscape

      On the weekends I need 7 hours. Weekdays, 8 hours.

      NOT FAIR

      • Frank

        just sleep 7½ hours every day. Problem solved!

    • Senko

      When I’m getting up at 5 or earlier for work there is no reasonable hour to go to sleep. Seriously 8 pm is about the latest I have a chance for 8 hours from.

      • Senko

        and that’s only for a few weeks then it’ll shift to 6pm normally just in time for those long summer days when its light till 8/9 oclock at night.

  6. DaveEscape

    “Time to switch to cocaine”

    It was at this point in my life … that I knew … my favorite webcomic went Scorcese …

  7. Robin Bobcat
    Robin Bobcat

    Ahh yes.. Clocky. A fine little alarm clock.
    In ‘sessile. mode, it just bleeps and twitters and squeals like R2D2 on a drunken bender insulting your mother.
    In ‘active’ mode, it does so while scurrying around the floor, forcing you to *catch* the little bastard.

  8. Mopruk

    Chocolate milk is a better energizer than Red Bull

  9. McMashMead

    What really bugs me is that I can’t change the snooze on my alarm. It is permanently set to 9 minutes. So I end up setting it for 6:42 because the the third times the charm

    • Frank

      Or you could buy 3 alarm clocks and disable the snooze function. Problem solved!

  10. Pixie

    Yeah I get you on this, I had to have three Amps to actually have it take any effect on me (unless I am REALLY tired then it takes one to get me normal and two to make me bounce off the walls)

  11. Welsh rat
    Welsh rat

    Monster is better than the Bull. 500ml cans for less than the price of the Bull for one thing.

  12. Golux

    You’re at the caffeine’s soon no fun stage. It will not keep your brain alert and awake, but soon it will keep you from actually going fully asleep.

    That was the total pissoff. Now I have to stay away from it completely. Don’t worry, Monster pounders, you’ll get there quicker.

  13. S'aaruuk

    Can’t stand the taste of Red Bull, prefer ‘5 Hour Energy’ shots m’self…….but WHY am I hearing a few bars of Eric Clapton as background music for the 3rd panel?

    ……she don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…….;-)

    • nightarix

      i agree redbull is terrible, though i prefer Amp or Rockstar to it. tried 5 hour energy once, only lasted half an hour for me.(i blame my metabolism)

  14. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    OT: FYI… Seley got a cameo in today’s Precocious comic!!

    • Mandy

      Yep! When Chrispy told me he needed a bar hostess, I was more than happy to oblige 🙂

      • McMashMead

        What if he asked you to be a hostess bar 😉

      • Robin Bobcat
        Robin Bobcat

        Always wondered what Seley did for a living. Couldn’t JUST be cartoons, right?

  15. Chayse Fox
    Chayse Fox

    Out of coincidence, I linked a Twitter-fluff to a couple of strips featuring Clocky just last week. 😀

  16. SirIntellegence

    My brother set up an alarm clock for me that flashes lights in my eyes while turning on a radio set to static. I have to go to a different room to turn it off. And my brother has threatened to do more “creative” things if that doesn’t get me up. It has been working for a while.

  17. attic rat
    attic rat

    …And then I saw the “really happened” tag.

    You two are nearly immune to alcohol, caffeine, and… what else now? This is a “prepper” thing in case somebody uses chemical warfare, isn’t it…

    • Mandy

      I like that angle. Going with that from now on.

  18. Cloudchaser Sakonige
    Cloudchaser Sakonige

    There actually was an energy drink called “Cocaine” that was taken off the shelves because of whiners complaining that it was marketed as a drug alternative

    • Fox

      You can still get it on Amazon, but seriously, nothing carbonated should contain cinnamon. It was not a fun experience.

  19. Typhon

    I’ll admit Redbull is one of the most overrated energy drinks out there. All it is , in the end is a ton of b vitamins, something anyone can get used to in time.

  20. AlyxVixen

    Do what I did if the alarm clock has the ability to have songs downloaded into it. A friend of mine has such a clock. He has a problem getting up. He has a low tolerance to scary movies and music. He got drunk and we gained access to his alarm clock. We downloaded this song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecGblNdZODM to it and set it as the main alarm…

    • Fox

      Delayed gratification is best gratification.

  21. McMashMead

    Iocaine powder. No scent, no taste. Deadliest poison known to man. I spent the last several years building up an immunity to it.

    Name that movie! (should be really easy)

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Ha! I just watched it again two nights ago! “The Princess Bride”
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Senko

        A fine movie.

  22. MephitMark

    Then THIS has got to be the most horrendously tortuous alarm clock ever made. And I’m thinking it was designed by a parent that was sick of their offspring not getting up on time. https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/11902554_968606679872483_7524961064918511554_n.png?oh=8f88d5a00fb7b2669d8891cfd952a7f2&oe=56807154

  23. Frank

    Go a few days without. Your tolerance will diminish

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