1. Brighttail

    Isn’t this always the case?! I get left over purple meat and white meat turkey!!!!!

  2. Brighttail

    Love the turtle neck too!

  3. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I’ll help with the leftover turkey!! Thanksgiving is the only day I ever get turkey. 🙁 (And turkey bologna is awful.) Leftover turkey is great in sandwiches and creamed soups. 🙂

    • DaveEscape

      In Juarez they make rolls filled with cream cheese. They are topped with … some kind of seed on top I don’t know which XD but they are the perfect combination.
      Tasty, flaky, soft but not overly so … I haven’t met one person who does NOT like them.

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        Sounds good to me too!

    • VulpineWarrior-91

      Want some cranberry jelly on that, Ed?

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        You bet! (Hi, Owen!) 🙂

  4. Glenn

    One can never be tired of turkey. Until I had to go on a diet, I used to eat turkey sandwiches every day I worked. No joke.

    BTW Fox, you’re a lucky man to have a mother-in-law that loves you as much as this. Whoa! I wish I was that lucky.

    • DaveEscape

      Yes; I love Mandy’s parents. XD Eagle + Black Cat = Leopard ??!

      • Kaeto

        It’s called Adoption.

        • Adamas

          Thought she was stolen from gypsys?

          • Fox

            That’s called Abduction.

          • glmdgrielson

            Wait there’s more of her? Just what we need: more Richard Baseheart.

            Tom Servo!

  5. DentHe4d

    I’m the oldest of 5 kids with 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. One sister has 4 kids and one brother has 2. Needles to say, left overs are abundant and never last more than a week. (Even after everyone takes their fair share.) One of the benefits of having a big family is you never run out of your favorite dish. LOL!

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      I soo wish you were right! 🙂 I am the oldest of seven and we are scattered from Raleigh, NC to Seattle, WA. The two closest together are myself and one brother an hour away. (And that’s almost a four hour round trip because I have to go a half hour out of my way and pick up Dad to take with me when I visit!) The next closest is five-six hours away in TN.

  6. DaveEscape

    ” … and Fox sat here in this chair. He said it was comfy, so … here … you … goooo … “

    • Fox

      At first I thought this was a reference to Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol and I was like, “Christ on a cracker, I wasn’t that sick!”

  7. dlore2177

    vac pacs and freezer are wonderful when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers. I stretch my leftovers over months enjoying other dishes in between.

  8. Thiago Ribeiro
    Thiago Ribeiro

    What a lucky family, so much love!

  9. Ironbadger

    Thats really sweet. 🙂


  10. ghostcat

    Beware the jello turkey mold!!!! NOT Kidding!

    • Adamas

      o_O Jello…turkey…mold? That word combination does not compute.

  11. Traveller

    I often got along better with my mother-in-law than I did with my wife. [My ex was, by her own admission, a difficult person.] My MIL called me, “the son that she had always wished she had.” (She actually had three sons of her own, but none of them were worth a damn.)

    Bye, Margaret; may you rest in peace. I miss you.

  12. Rateus

    Go Fox!

    At first I thought the theme was Fox likes all food.

  13. Katnik

    Ah, home cooking, sure beats microwave junk.
    I miss my folks, I’ve outlived that whole generation now.
    Give thanks for your people, before anything else.

  14. MikeFluff

    As someone who often goes to family gathering, I feel you there.
    Also, sorry for my long absence, been busy but now I have time to read the comics on a daily basis again!
    YAY! <3

  15. glmdgrielson

    Wait so in spite of how much she had you in mind, you weren’t even there?

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