1. Greyryder

    This one just gets funnier, every time I read it!

  2. Lucario

    Here’s the last time I saw Kamina glasses:


    This is when you find Tatsu’s father’s glasses. A shame he only wears them for about 10 seconds. I got a picture, but I had to be really fast with my phone. (I would’ve liked it if he continued to wear them throughout the rest of the game.)

  3. The Aussie Bloke
    The Aussie Bloke

    Rune Factory 4 is AWESOME.


    What you think is the final boss, isn’t. There’s a town event that pops up sometime later (it’s semi-random, so it could be a week or a year later) that leads to the REAL end of the game

  4. Xezlec

    I don’t know how you guys manage to be so consistently adorable.

    • DaveEscape

      It’s the fur; on the downside they go through ALOT of shampoo and conditioner.

      And the water bill is pretty high, too.

  5. Vandorbelt

    • Fox

      No hate for dubs, just not my flavor.

  6. Argent

    In the words of the great Kamina, bad-ass leader of Dai-Gurren Dan, “Ore wo dare da to omotte!?”

  7. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    I love it watch my friends who are in-sync enough to play off each other, AND smart enough to know that joking around is JUST joking around.

    Fox: Where’d you get that anvil? Is it any good??
    Friend of mine is looking for one. He’s learning to make reproductions of ancient surgical instruments for his demoes at renn-fairs.

    • Fox

      It’s from Harbor Freight, so I suspect I’ll be less than thrilled until I upgrade it. I was recently introduced to HF, and it’s good for a low-end product to start. If I use it more than once, I’ll either improve it, or buy a better one.
      True quality anvils are heat tempered, hardened steel. They start at $400 and skyrocket. If you want to save money watch Craigslist for old railroad rails being sold off. They can be made into good anvils too.
      This is a cast iron anvil. Iron isn’t as strong as steel, so it’ll deform and leave marks in your work. I avoided purchasing this because of that, but was recently talking to a guy who had bought it and it worked for his purposes. He reminded me that you can just weld hardened steel to the top of the anvil as well. At the time I first considered it, I didn’t have a welder yet. I do now.
      Back burner project; won’t be touched for a while. Fortunately, it’s an anvil. They don’t tend to have an expiration date.

      • Iron Ed
        Iron Ed

        Thanks, Fox. I’ll pass that on; especially the idea of welding a steel plate to the iron anvil.

      • Traveller

        Fox, look into Grizzly Industrial. ( http://www.grizzly.com ) They’re usually a little higher priced than Harbor Freight, but also higher quality, and yet not nearly as expensive as many of the really high-end suppliers.

        I do a lot of metalworking, and have been pleased with the results. What are you using the anvil for? Are you doing forge work?

  8. Jacob Jawson

    Is “Romanceable” even a real word? X_X

    • DaveEscape

      It is now!

    • Don Edwards
      Don Edwards

      English is a constructive language – the ability to build new legitimate words is part of what passes for its design. (Although it doesn’t go as absurdly far in this direction as German does.)

      “Romanceable” is a standard English word with a standard English prefix so it’s legit.

      (Nouning our verbs and other <a href="https://xkcd.com/1443/"rearrangements of parts of speech are quite common also.)

      • Don Edwards
        Don Edwards

        oops, let me fix that last paragraph…

        (Nouning our verbs and other rearrangements of parts of speech are quite common also.)

  9. Glenn

    So, did Seley immediately jump up and draw this comic after this conversation? It looks like she pictured what you were saying and then started laughing uncontrollably.

    • Fox

      It got thrown in the queue. Since Katsucon is less than a week away, it seemed appropriate to hold it until then.

      • Glenn

        Well, that makes sense. But, she reminds me of how I sometimes react when someone reminds me of something so outrageously funny that I wish I could draw what I see. I wish I could go to the Katsucon. I’d love to meet you two. Y’all seem like a couple of great people.

        • Fox

          It’s all a clever ruse. We’re actually gremlins.

          • Glenn


  10. Paarthurnax

    That Fox character in the third slide reminds me of Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass.

    • DaveEscape

      Paarthurnax, go back to High Hrothgar; Arngeir is jealous again.

      • Paarthurnax

        Back to my comfy word wall I go

  11. DaveEscape

    Breaking the fourth wall on the week of the release of the new Deadpool movie?

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  12. jprime

    Looks hardly a thing like you, Fox. The muzzle’s all wrong and the fur tone’s off.

    • Fox

      We talked about and had to research what ‘anime style cartoon animal’ looked like. ‘Kemono’ came up a lot, but the end result was that there is no de facto style of drawing anime anthropomorphism. I’d originally suggested she model the character after the artwork of Tezuka Productions, but the sketch had already been created and while the we feel the model looks ‘stiff’, a lot of anime does.
      Fortunately this vulpine is surprisingly serpentine.

  13. Kuroh

    Rune Factory 4 was one of my favorite games. Probably my second favorite game right now.

    Now that I think about it, the last time I played it was when I figured out how to get Amber to deal hundreds of thousands of damage with a waterpot.

  14. Ran Dom
    Ran Dom

    Wait, so did Fox actually look at a non-existing audience and say that? (4th Panel)

    • Fox

      I *did* actually look up and speak about her as though she wasn’t in the room, yes. I do this a lot actually. I blame my speech training that emphasizes the disuse of the word ‘you’, as it sounds accusatory and confrontational.

  15. Keichimaru

    You’ll have a great time with Rune Factory 4. Best of the DS versions to date, though I still hold a lot of love for Frontier and Tides of Destiny on the consoles.

  16. ErebusOnline

    Is RF4 good Seley? I’ve got RF3, and its one of my all time favs, so I’m curious ?

    • Mandy

      So far, I’m enjoying it!

      Never played a Rune Factory game before, but really enjoyed Fantasy Life, which has a similar “you have tons of options and the overall story doesn’t progress until you decide you’re done with the tons of side quests” thing going on (I highly recommend Fantasy Life, too)

      No spoilers, but I think it’s funny that Dylas basically has Fox’s personality back in college – so it was a natural choice on who to try n’ date.
      Also my first time playing a game with a dating element like this in it, though, so I keep finding it a little awkward (choice quote – “HE’S romanceable? LOOK AT HIM HE’S TWELVE.”)

      I’m a really casual gamer though – it takes me forever to finish longer games. Still working on both RF4 AND Fantasy Life, but the fact that I can go back to ’em and they feel fun instead of tedious is really nice.

      I’ll get back to them when Pokemon Picross stops being so addictive. 😀

  17. Broosifer

    I found your comic about a week ago and I absolutely love it, makes me laugh every time. It’s almost as if you two are comic characters in life, Makes me want to meet you in person.

    • Fox

      Looks like you’re in Ireland. While we don’t have any plans to visit, I’d like to go back one day! Mandy get’s asked about Ireland given her red hair anyway.
      If you happen to cross the pond this weekend and visit D.C., we’ll be at Katsucon 2016!
      If we’re lucky, we’ll record the panel we’re hosting!

      • Broosifer

        Huh, wha? I’d love to live in Ireland but i currently live in New Jersey, America. Not sure how it came off that I live in Ireland…

        • Fox

          lol, the traceroute program screwed up and showed it starting in the European server instead of the US server. Weird.

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