1. Granitefish

    I agree Rowlet is so plushy. The cute little bow-tie makes it even better.

  2. Iron Ed
    Iron Ed

    Enjoy your vacation, Mandy (& Fox!)! You deserve it!!! I will be waiting when you return.

  3. Xezlec

    Another standard thing many webcomics do when they want a break is to show guest strips or even fanart. There are plenty of good artists out there, many of whom are fans of this strip.

    • Mandy

      I’ve considered that at some point but didn’t have the time to get it set up this time around – maybe later!

      • Glenn

        The best person I’ve seen that draws fan art of you and Fox is Christopher Paulsen. When he puts the two of you in his “Precocious” comic, I thought it was you doing the characters instead of him. (Plus, he’s got one of the weirdest senses of humor I’ve seen. LOL.)

      • Glenn

        Oh, BTW, Fox does seem to know which buttons to push to bring out the kid in you, doesn’t he? LOL.

        • AeonsShadow

          Well when you know a person well enough, you start to notice all the BIG SHINY BUTTONS they leave around. T’would be a SHAME not to push them!

  4. IBTYComics

    I really like the sketched comics. I especially like the style of Fox’s face for the first panel. Also, the fourth panel really struck a cord with me.

  5. Nespa

    stressing yourself out isent good for you, take a nice long break, hug your hamster and come back when your full of energy again 😉

  6. BluePaw

    How to cheer up Seley 101: Pokemon. Nothing but Pokemon.

    Speaking of which, why do people keep calling that new seel a dog?! Have people never heard of a seel before? There’s even a seel pokemon from Gen 1 for crying out loud! D=

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      Mmmm…Nope! Never heard of a “seel”; not even in my dictionary. A “seal” on the other hand… 😉 🙂 🙂

      (Just teasing you! I knew what you meant right away. 🙂 )

  7. TANAG

    A surprise? I like surprises! 😀

  8. Marscaleb

    Yup, Seley looks better with hair.

    • ObservantWolf

      Panel four, annoyed lioness Seley. XD

      • Adamas

        I was gonna say Seley’s channeling Nala.

  9. nekonyan1224

    Just got Michele Knotz’s autograph yesterday! She is such an awesome person! That’s 2 years in a row I have met her. *feels so lucky*

  10. ObservantWolf

    Enjoy your break you two!

  11. spudwalt

    Enjoy your well-deserved break! We’ll be waiting when you get back!

    And yeah, I’m totally starting with Rowlet. Grass-type starters all the way since 1998.

  12. Jak Snow
    Jak Snow

    Wow, I really like this. As an artist seeing someone elses framework is a chance to study their style and learn from it (learn, not copy.) I’m sure it wasn’t the intended goal but its awesome none the less.

  13. Glenn

    BTW, didn’t Mandy have these same feelings when she got excited when acorn squash was on sale and didn’t Fox get her out of her funk by mentioning Pokemon?

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