Convention Sketches

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 Busy busy week, so have a few not-quite-full-comics from my sketchbook while I get back on track. 🙂

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I also asked, “Do they have the right email address?”
This is what happens when we wind up with things that don’t quite qualify as complete comics.

12 comments on “Convention Sketches

  1. These are hilarious, especially the middle panel. It’s just Fox being himself. LOL.

  2. I like the skeptical fox look in the first panel. The awe-struck look in the last panel is just adorable as well.

  3. Poor Mandy, so awestruck that people would wait in line to meet her. So cute, much squee.

  4. I hope she talks Fox into dressing as Haruka in at least civilian form. It would be adorable (also Haruka and Michiru are my favorite couple from anime).

  5. ive suggested to my wife for years we could go as jay and silent bob, shes got the hair for jay and ive got the broad shoulders, beard, and trench-coat. for a long time shes said no because that would imply they’re gay, but this year she decided that would be a great Halloween couples outfit

    couples costumes rely on body type, what can you pull off. it upgrades in options once you have kids- my daughters have gone as link, darth vader/yoda, and astrid/hiccup with the baby dressed as toothless (ironically her name was astrid)

  6. Oh my gosh, Mandy has a Sailor Neptune cosplay! That’s so awesome, she’s one of my favorite characters. 😀

  7. Wow your comic is amazing Xp and even this comic is amazing, and you probably had an amazing pannel at katsucon :p cant wait to see more sketches and comics in the future

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