1. eddiisnot

    Perfect treat for gnawers. If I remember right, soldiers in the Civil War busted it up and soaked the pieces in hot water to make mush. I imagine it tasted better when it was all there was to eat.

    • Kaeto

      A on the march sandwich for the Civil War trooper was a hunk of raw salt pork between two hardtack.

  2. Ranstone

    I wanna make this! Thanks for making my Halloween a little less lame! ‘Wonder how hardtack tastes?… I had some emergency rations stocked up, and I ate those like candy!

    …As I typed this I looked into said food stockpile… A stupid mouse has ruined the vacuum seal on my whole supply… My entire apocalyptic loadout now consists of water, purification tablets, a knife and a Band-Aid.

    Guess who’s getting left behind? 🙁

  3. Traveller

    Why is Seley wearing a colander? Does she need straining?

    • Kremlore

      She’s a follower of the flying spaghetti monster!

      • Traveller

        Of course. I should have known!

    • Ironbadger

      Its a helmet with a camo net, I believe.


      • Traveller

        I never realized that helmets were made out of colanders. This comic is so educational!

        • Iron Ed
          Iron Ed

          I think it’s old British army issue. (The Brits have army surplus stores in the U.S. now?? 🙂 )

    • Fox
  4. Ironbadger


    So many anecdotes I know about the oldest of US military rations.
    For instance, it was common for them to become infested with weavils….Leading to the nickname “worm castles”.

    Leftover rations from the civil war were still being issued to troops on the western frontier up to the 1880s…Some of the hardtacks were actually green with mold, but still edible.

    Our modern saltine cracker is derived directly from the hardtack.

    I enjoyed eating those when I was a civil war re-enactor…There are several modern sources for commercially made hardtack if you don’t want to bother making your own.


    • IBTYComics

      Thanks! I remembered the first fact from history class, but I was unsure which roll it was based on.

  5. VulpineWarrior-91

    Yeah, Fox – you make more. Then Seley can clout you round the noggin with it!

  6. Gthefurrybiker

    First time i heard of hardtack was in a Garfield strip. Jon and Garfield were on a budget budget airline and Jon demanded food, which is promptly thrown at them from the galley at the back. Garfield then muses ‘yum, swill
    and hardtack’. I then found out about hardtack. Thanks, Jim Davis!

    Also i think panel four is particularly well drawn. Love the teeth 🙂

    • IBTYComics

      Yep, panel four seems very expressive. PS: You ever read Garfield: His 9 Lives?

  7. Glenn

    ROFLMAO@Fox. That’s all that I have the strength to post now. I’ll have to say something else later. ROFLMAO.

  8. DaveEscape

    ~ Fox’s teeth

    • IBTYComics

      Reminds me of the Futurama denture ad.

  9. LHG

    Woo, hardtack! It’s like lembas bread from Lord of the Rings… Just instead of being made with magic and joy it’s made with sadness and despair.

  10. Moses Lambert
    Moses Lambert

    What, you never heard of matzoh?

    • Mandy Seley

      It’s one of several similar flour-and-water biscuits that have popped up through history.

  11. jprime

    Fox gets points for owning up, bonus for his casual attitude.

    • IBTYComics

      Not surprising for Fox, since the comic showed him eating Ramen raw.

  12. IBTYComics

    Hey! With the great orange coloing, you broke the first rule of Inktober! Are you still going to do Punvember? That would be INKredible.

    • Fox

      Halloween & Halloween colors > Inktober

  13. Mick

    My Swedish “grandma” who lived next door used to make hardtack and we would have it with butter as a treat.

  14. Zarpaulus

    Sounds like the “cram” from The Hobbit that inspired D&D’s rations.

    • Ranstone

      Who remembers throwing LOTRO’s “Dale man’s crams” away by the stack?

  15. Spector


  16. glmdgrielson

    Eh, I prefer lembas wafers. Biggest source of nutrition there is.

    Victor, why are you here? (this is going to be hard to explain, considering the source is down) Get back in the game!

  17. Nameless Wanderer
    Nameless Wanderer

    I once made something similar but I was tring to make some english muffin bread. It was, according to some(myself included), “Hard enough to drive nails”.

    • Iron Ed
      Iron Ed

      You used Ellie-Mae Clampett’s recipe? 🙂

      • Nameless Wanderer
        Nameless Wanderer

        Nope recipe I found in a modern cookbook. I just made the too dry and slightly overcooked(not even enough to overbrown or taste).

  18. Alex

    Would this stuff by safe for puppies to teeth on? His chew toys, moose antlers, squeaky toys and ropes does hold out long and the only thing durable enough thah lasts is my arm or hand or pants leg.

    • Fox

      Is it teething? Teething usually means he doesn’t have any teeth visible yet, but I assume he does unless he’s destroying toys with his gums.

      Regardless, I can’t think of a reason it would harm the dog, apart from the fact that it’d probably make him fat. Puppy teeth, IIRC, feel as sharp as obsidian–if he got a corner of it it’d be brittle enough to cut off.
      Obviously I ate a lot of it so it wasn’t that bad.

      I’d recommend a Puppy Kong to solve your problem.

  19. darevenin

    Well, at least there will be room for Halloween candies.

  20. Katnik

    Dress it up with cherry frosting and sprinkles, and leave it in a bowl marked “Do not steal” – in the fridge at work.

  21. Taolan

    A touch of dried spice for flavor isn’t a bad idea either. Most pre-powdered spices will add some flavor without significantly affecting the shelf life unlike sugar or animal products.

  22. Venalitor

    Sounds like a hard version of that shitty homemade glue or that paste the elementary school kids love to eat.

  23. Kalasnokov

    I made some, but forgot to add salt.
    10/10 completely tasteless.

  24. Stronk

    Grammatical error, third panel. Its.

    • Mandy Seley

      Yep, already on my list to fix when I get a minute to do so. Thanks!

  25. Ebonbolt

    That is… incredibly devious.

    • Ebonbolt

      Sorry, referring to the teething thing.

  26. attic rat
    attic rat

    I tried making hardtack once. The result was kind of like trying to eat the plate instead of the bread. It fractured with sharp corners and a shiny breaking-point surface. I think I must have kneaded the dough too long.

  27. Katnik

    Is this what the Bible calls “unleavened bread” ?

  28. Anonny

    I think real hardtack is baked twice to really get the water out of it. That’s what makes it so nigh indestructible.

  29. Joshua Whiting

    Heh, cool! We just had our second child. Maybe we’ll try giving him hardtack when he starts teething! 😀

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