A Race Against Time

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 I thought this was my best rendition of Fox’s charger yet, until he pointed out I made the antenna too long and it looks like an RC car…just pretend he’s got a full wave antenna.

Hope all our USA readers had a good Thanksgiving! Hope all our international readers had a good Thursday. 🙂

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For those wondering about the tags, panels 1 and 2 really happened. Panel three would have, but I noticed it was just a stock DeLorean. Flux capacitors are just getting harder and harder to come by.

Speaking of which, I just realized there’s a Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger on ThinkGeek, which I’m totally going to have to get, rip apart and mod into my cruiser’s center console.

Oh, also:
In preparation for some bigger events slated for next year I’ve finally broken down and got a twitter account.
According to Mandy a great deal of what I regularly say would do well there, so we’ll see if the Snarky Express turns into a joy ride or a train wreck.

33 comments on “A Race Against Time

      1. Wait a minute … those are 2015 Charger tail-lights.

        Fox did you get a new Charger? *GASP* HELLCAT??! 😀

        1. Nah, Mandy just used some squash and stretch, so the lights look tapered up.

          I hate the new fascia. Looks like a damn shuttlecraft.

      2. I suspected that might be the reason for your choice. But I like to believe that the technology in this version has improved so a stainless steel body is no longer required for time travel.

  1. I love Fox’s shocked face in panel 1. Mandy always delivers with the artwork!

    1. What with his G-man glasses and G-man car.

      He says he works with computers, but for whom?
      *strokes chin* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

      I’m onto you, Keegan.

  2. Fox, even if you had chased after it, I would not blame you at all. DeLoreans are awesome! They’re definitely some of the coolest classic cars out there. Too bad that one didn’t have a flux capacitor.

    1. It’s also too bad that Deloreans had -shockingly- poor performance.
      And their CEO was a wanted criminal.

      Still, does that make them lame? Or that much cooler?

      1. I rode as passenger in a DeLorean once. I was highly unimpressed. Basically a very comfortable car, but in no way a good -sports- car.

        1. Technically, the DeLorean is considered a “touring car”, which is why it’s so comfortable to ride in for long drives. Granted, they probably should’ve made it as fast as its looks suggest it is, but it didn’t work out that way. Supposedly, the 1984 models would’ve offered an optional turbocharged engine, but the company went under before that could be made a reality (beyond a couple of prototypes). 🙁

      2. My grandpa owns a Delorean. Never been inside it though. I’ve just seen amongst his other cars in his collection

  3. Let’s face it. If you had caught the DeLorean and taken possession of it, you would probably have misssed Thanksgiving Dinner.

  4. So what was the plan if you caught it? Knock out the driver and steal it? Or will this be the next comic?

    1. I’m guessing next week’s title will be:

      ‘How to turn a Delorean into a Time Machine that you totally acquired legally!’
      by Mandy on 6 Dec 2015 at 00:01

  5. Mandy: “What are you doing, Fox?”

    Fox: “Gotta catch that Delorean …”

    Mandy: “How fast are you going??!”

    Fox: “87 miles per hour … I’m not going to make it!”

  6. I’m just impressed that Mandy knows what a full-wave antenna is — CB/HAM background?

    1. My cousin is a HAM radio operator, Fox got his HAM license and swears by CBs for long road trips since truckers give the best traffic advice. I just picked up some of the terminology.

      1. CB’s are definitely nice for long trips alone, especially at night. 🙂 My ol’ “White Knight” antenna died some time ago though and I’ve never seen a replacement I liked the looks of. (And I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to.)

  7. im guessing eventually you will want to buy one, and then overhaul it impressively

  8. I saw a Delorean drive past my work back in autumn. It was one of those ‘did that just happen?!’ moments. Never realised how low they are, i guess the perspective was a bit skewed in the film due to Micheal J Fox being slightly vertically challenged. The engine sounded surprisingly meaty and rumbly for a V6. As for the comic, i can’t get over how well done Fox’s face is in the first panel (muzzle and jowls especially). You’re getting damn good at this drawing malarkey, Mandy 🙂

  9. “I wish I’d never invented that infernal time machine. It’s caused nothing but disaster.” -Emmett “Doc” Brown, Back To The Future Part III

  10. I’ve seen a row of four or more DeLoreans at a local UK car show. Do you know how you clean the Stainless Steel bodywork?

    Baby oil.

    You must get some funny looks buying it in bulk!

    I’d rather have a Tatra T87, or a Honda Beat. Oh wait, I do have a Honda Beat!

    1. Zep appliance cleaner works as well. A friend of mine owns a DeLorean, and I spent several hours helping to shine it up in preparation for a car show. Made it real nice and shiny, which was great except for times when direct sunlight hit the hood, leading to glare city…

  11. Fox: Regarding your Twitter account … the Snarky Express (love that name, btw!) will a joy ride for some of us – namely people with some semblance of intelligence, but a train wreck for the idiots.

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