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    1. Little do we know that this is actually the first part of the secret handshake; they are fooling us all.


  1. Ehh, one day he’ll accept his true nature. 😛
    And since Fox pointed it out, I am now wondering how exactly those headphones would be designed.

    1. They probably couldn’t be circular, the casing would be have to molded to the user’s ear shape partly. Though the headband would probably go forward to clear to the ear and then probably go over the head like usual. (I can’t imagine having heavy cans resting on animal ears is comfortable.

  2. I have no idea how those headphones work, but a really easy solution would be that the connecting bar goes around the back of the head, like those sports headphones, with a bar from that going over the top of the head, like Starfox has.

    1. I like that idea, hehh, anyways Happy Thanksgiving, and I’m a big fan of the Starfox series.

  3. With large ears like that I’d guess they’d either be in-ear or looped over the ear, or maybe clipped gently to the side, instead of the over the ear style.

  4. Just tested how headphones/set would sit in that position for real life using Xbox One headset. Worked perfectly fine, just hugs the back of the head as snug as it would the top of the head

    1. Yeah,but that’s because you have your ears there to support the weight. In Seley’s case, her headphones could be supported by her hair, but fox has nothing there to hold it up. Regardless, even the way it was drawn in the comic shows signs of the headphones slipping downward.

  5. Eh… Give Fox some points for actually putting his hand up. I just glare at the “High-Fiver” until he or she gives up.

  6. Fox’s face in the second panel is the very definition of DGAF

    D oesn’t
    G ive
    F lip

  7. The possibility of an in-game crossover with SAVEstate exists?

  8. Sorry Mandy, but I gotta agree with Fox on this one. However, high-fives are still better than those stupid fist-bumps!

  9. In my little corner of the world, it’s high five or hug. Most choose the high five because it’s quicker and less awkward. You have been warned.

    1. Do you have dorky cookies? None shall not join unless you do.

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