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I drew the panels 5, 7, and 5 inches wide, does that count?

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  1. Is… Is Fox actually that enthusiastic about fan mail? I’m skeptical…

    1. Nah, he just knew what would happen if she tried to write a haiku and wanted to watch.

  2. Don’t feel bad Mandy … there’s lots of us out there (myself included) who couldn’t write a reply in haiku form either. Also, if it’s causing you too much stress, you could always get Fox to write it.

  3. I believe it does
    count as a haiku to draw
    your panels that way

  4. Words present themselves
    She counts syllables with hope
    Her expression falls.

  5. I drew the panels
    Five, seven, five inches wide
    So, does that count?

    Fixed it for you.

    1. Realized I miscounted the syllables in the last line (how do you miscount FOUR?), so have this instead:
      I drew the panels
      Five, seven, and five inches
      Wide, does that count? @#&*

  6. So many comments
    being written as haiku,
    I am so happy!

    All the replies in haiku form so far really made me smile – thanks everyone! 😀

    1. What did you expect.
      How could we resist this thing?
      It was impossible! 😀

  7. Don’t even try to reply with a haiku if it doesn’t flow naturally. My youngest brother writes poems, haikus, and epics all in the name of his own form of humor. Whoever wrote you that was doing it because they wanted to show you how much they liked your comic by using their own talent to express it.

  8. Publish the Haiku
    and “The Raven” parody.
    The scribe loves Curtailed.

  9. A proper response:

    I thank thee greatly
    For thine appreciative note
    For mine webcomic

  10. Here’s your haiku:

    @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&*
    @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&* @#&*
    Fox is an asshole

  11. Fanmail in the form of a haiku
    But lack of inspiration
    Stop insulting Fox

  12. I thought the rule was ‘#’ after ‘&’ except after ‘*’
    except when used as the direct object, but then it must begin with ‘^’

  13. Don’t forget the seasonal reference!

    A haiku would be
    A fine thing to have here now
    spring is here biyotch

  14. This makes me think of
    Sokka from Last Airbender,
    Crashing haiku school.

    Just popped in my head.
    Anyway, love your comic.
    It made me smile.

  15. Ah, haiku. I remember studying them in high school, way back when. We were told to write some. Unfortunately, I had no poetic abilities and failed miserably. So, you can guess that I can sympathize with Mandy’s problem here.

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