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Happy April Fool’s Day! I thought it could be fun to try making our characters as OUT of character as possible… it was amusing trying to figure out what sort of traits our “opposites” would have! We decided that Fox, obviously, would have some very different vehicle preferences and no desire to repair everything he can possibly get his hands on (and take apart), while I’d be pretty obnoxiously extroverted, and despise tiny adorable rodents.

There’ll be another, non-April-Fool’s comic going up next Sunday, so please check back!

28 comments on “Out of Character

  1. If OOC Fox is supposed to be holding an iPhone, I might raise an eyebrow.
    I wish I had OOC Seley as my sister.
    You forgot; OOC Fox should be talking about how much he LOVES Pokemon GO.

    1. Well it _is_ a very fluffy tail. I swear it’s like 50% of Out-of-Character Fox’s body volume.

    2. Speaking as someone with twice that much tail, it’s a bit of a hassle, to be sure. No room for groceries. The secret is to get the tail in first, before you put on the seat belt.

  2. They made some pretty hot Smart Roadsters and Roadster Coupe for Euro market only – 80 HP and Brabus 98 HP with 6-epeed Semi-Auto Box they didn’t even try to get past EPA and NHTSA. And @Ranstone that’s obviously a iPear Phone.

    1. For some reason I find the thought of a “Punk” Seley pleases me.

    1. Food for thought: If a smart car crashed head on into Fox’s Charger Pursuit while Fox was looking at his phone, do you think Fox , or the Dodge would notice?

      Speaking of noticing, I just noticed… I’ve never seen Fox in skinny jeans before…

      1. I sure hope not. The Dodge Charger is usually written off as totaled if the front airbag deploys…
        (The labor required is too expensive; it requires the removal of the entire steering column for some dumbass reason)

    2. Smart Cars are susprisingly resilient in crashes despite their small size, the entire body of the vehicle is basically a roll cage designed with the express purpose of keeping the occupants alive.

      When most car people look at the Smart Car they see it in terms of small cars they are familiar with like certain Honda Civics, or the Mazda Miata. Miatas especially have a tendency to be squished into oblivion when a large cargo truck looks in their general direction; the Smart Car was designed with the understanding that small cars tend not to do well in crashes, so they built it to defy that.

      1. That and due to their small size, they’re more agile/avoid crashes, stop faster/avoid crashes, and a smaller target/avoid crashes.

        Also, the crazy thing? They *BOUNCE*. that light mass means that instead of crushing, they skip right off. Now, it’s no picnic if you don’t have your seatbelt on, but you’ll be much better off.

  3. What would really make you out of character would be you two with kids

  4. If you really wanted to break character, all you had to do was express any desire whatsoever to procreate.

  5. Um, wouldn’t this mean that Fox would be gay and that Mandy would be lesbian?

    I mean, you DID say as OOC as possible.

    1. To be fair, OOC fox does kinds look like he’s playing for the other team.

      1. Nah.. Metro, but probably one of those sorts that’s so conceited they don’t really feel anyone else is worth their time, you know?

      2. Ikr? The glasses and the skinny jeans totally don’t help.

  6. Umm…Honestly, until I read the description, I thought this comic was what would happen if you two were to switch personalities. Still fun. ^^

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