Nocturnal Essentials

Nocturnal Essentials

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This past week they announced the eighth generation of core Pokemon games, and as usual I’m super excited! Core Pokemon RPG on the Switch is going to be so cool! When I rushed to tell Fox the news, he was so excited he went right to sleep!

I tried something different/a little more dramatic with the lighting here. Been reading a lot of comic books/comic drawing advice lately (if you’re not following Tips from Jesse Hamm on Twitter, I highly recommend it!), this strip seemed like a great excuse to play with higher contrast and solid blacks. I’m really happy with that second panel!

21 comments on “Nocturnal Essentials

  1. no locks in the universe (maybe the multiverse) could stop a Pokemon hyped kitty trying to get to their fox. They will vibrate through the wall if they have to.

  2. Being nocturnal myself, I feel for Fox.


    Is it wrong I learn more about the newest Pokemon generation from Mandy’s excited squee comics, than anywhere else?

  3. You actually wear earplugs?
    I just turn a fan on, which generates white noise to cancel out all that other noise. I got a friend who works a night shift that does the same thing.

    1. it does have limits, used to work graveyard shift and come home, eat supper, lay down and have a freight train run behind my house…every day…

  4. I need to get blackout curtains myself. I’m diurnal, but when it snows, there’s a street lamp that gets a perfect reflection in the middle of the night to sneak right around my blinds and shine right in my face. Also, pretty hyped for Sword and Shield myself. Definitely going Scorbunny … but then, I almost always pick the Fire starter.

  5. I can’t wait for Sword and Shield. I haven’t played a true Pokemon game since blue… two years ago. Pokemon Let’s Go doesn’t count.

    Oooooh, I can’t wait to see what they added to the 150.

  6. I had similarly excited people to squee with when the announcement came out, so I managed to get away with it 😛 But so much waitiiiiiiiing. I’m working through my pokemon wait by picking up Ultra Moon again, breeding up 7 generations of top-tier starters to give away to people in celebration.

  7. Heh…having worked nights for most of my adult life, I can sympathize. It’s worse when you have kids.

    1. I can vouch for that. Broke down my bathroom door as a teen, not realizing the damage it’d do.

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