Hourly Comics Day 2019

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I remembered this year! Always a fun little exercise to try and find amusing ways to talk about / illustrate the day.

19 comments on “Hourly Comics Day 2019

  1. I think every single person I’ve heard talk online about wargroove has been on the topic of the Doggos. Which is really weird because they don’t show up when I put “Wargroove” into Google

  2. Yay, a new ‘hourly’ comic! Also, I don’t know what kind of Pennsylvanians *you’re* dealing with, but both of my parents are from PA (Pittsburgh and Philthadelphia), and they don’t sound like that; until you said ‘Pittsburgh’, I was guessing that they were a ‘Yooper’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeZ0BUc3kMw)

  3. I love the 1800 panel. That says all that needs to be said about securing your work from curious fingers. The promise of their certain removal is always an attention getter.

  4. ” Git commit, git push, git out” That line is the best 🙂 The developers that I work with would relate to that statement 100%

  5. Don’t bother me. I’m busy re-reading my Curtailed “Banned in All 50 States” book… AGAIN!! 🙂

    (Fun strip today, Mandy!)

  6. I could only imagine a conversation comparing “Deep South” and “Canuck” dialects. 🙂

    Btw: I WANT a pair of those STFU headphones – where did you buy them?

    1. They’re actually a set of Bose QC headphones. They are fantastic for a cubicle environment, the noise canceling is amazing for helping me focus — but I’ve frequently wanted to cover that Bose logo with something… a little less “hi! this is an expensive brand please walk off with me if Mandy isn’t looking!”

      So I improvised for the comic. 🙂

      1. Too bad they didn`t actually come with a STFU logo … I`d buy a pair without a second thought.

  7. Yinz is not ‘Yankee’. Yinz is Pirate.

    where yinz going? yinz going dahntahn? pick some pop n’ hoagie n’at for Da Stillers game?

    THAT’S Pittsburgh. Yankee is New York

    da nerve some of people… 😛

  8. For 1700-1800, that brings to mind an old computer room saying.
    “SysOp Rule 0: you are their operator therefore as far as those peons are concerned You. Are. Their. GOD. ;D

    Rule 1: see rule 0. This of course applies for developers, networkers, and even just the person who strings up the cable, too.

    Violation of either of the first 2 rules will result in finding out what the electric stapler does.”

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